We kind of forgot that she’s still on Grey’s Anatomy (after being fired and all), but turns out Katherine Heigl is set to re-assume Izzie duties on the ABC medical show next week, and the photos look promising, at least to those who are (still) hoping for an Alex-Izzie reunion.

And yes, she’s also sporting a new do, which is beside the point but is also nice to point out.

According to the official description from ABC, the Grey’s episode that features Heigl’s return will see her “hoping to reconcile with Alex,” something that is terribly different from the antagonistic you-got-me-fired Izzie that was the last we saw of her. In fact, in one of the photos, they are actually hugging.

No word, however, on just how long Heigl is staying put. She took a leave immediately after returning on this season of Grey’s Anatomy first to do a movie then finally to spend some quality time with her newly adopted daughter Naleigh. As for this upcoming episode, it was filmed prior to her maternity leave, so we have no idea if she’s staying.

Elsewhere on that Grey’s episode, by the way, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) confronts the Chief (James Pickens, Jr.) after learning of his drinking problem. Elsewhere, tensions run high among Teddy (new regular Kim Raver), Owen (Kevin McKidd), and Yang (Sandra Oh), after Cristina makes a startling confession.

Source: Zap2it, E! Online
(Image courtesy of ABC)

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