Ding, dong, the witch is gone! Or something like that. With Kristin eliminated, America’s Next Top Model: College Edition season 19 is sure to be happier.

Only four models remain. Kiara, Nastasia, Laura and Leila will be tested on their performances in front of the camera. Yeah, I know they’ve been in front of the camera for weeks, but this time it’s for a commercial.

Each girl is given a short and dramatic segment on the beach, showing them thinking over last week’s panel comments, how far they’ve come and how much they each want to win. 

While Best Photo winner Leila and her guest Kiara enjoy the Tyra Suite, Laura is feeling the pressure. On the phone with her mother, the tears begin to flow as she comes to terms with just how stressful the competition is. Not too easy being on the losing end of things, is it, Miss Perfect? Seeing her friend go home could be the kick in the pants Laura needs to put her head back in the game.

Yendi Phillips, Miss Jamaica, stands next to Rob Evans at Half Moon’s equestrian center. Oh yeah, they’re going there.

Commercial Challenge: The models must write a script for the Jamaican Tourist Board and deliver it in front of the camera. The winner will shoot a campaign for the board, becoming the face of a worldwide campaign.

Horse enthusiast and model-who-does-just-about-everything-right, Laura, is all too eager to jump on the gorgeous beast, trollop through the ocean and deliver her lines. She flubs the first take, but nails it on the second try. (I’m rolling my eyes.) 

Leila is not so excited. After being “attacked” by the dolphins last week, she’s nervous to steer a horse herself. The horse probably senses her fear and begins to do his own thing. Leila, in turn, gets scared, starts crying and freaks out. Thankfully, take two is so much better.

“Are you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of your lifestyle?” says Nastasia. This is the only line that she manages to remember from her script. 

Kiara started her shoot off with a few bleeped out words. She has to control her language when she gets frustrated. Once Kiara gets her words together and takes a deep breath, the delivery is on point.

Challenge Winner: Kiara

Johnny Wujek and Jez Smith, photographer and judge for Australia’s Next Top Model, stand on the beach, welcoming the girls to the official Dream Come True fragrance commercial shoot. Ben Bennett, the fragrance creator, is also on the set. No pressure. The winner of this college-themed season will become the face of the campaign.

Apparently, Tyra’s take on a dream come true is a model holding an oversize bottle of perfume while standing in the ocean. To each their own.

Nastasia needs to make up for her failing challenge score and attacks the photo shoot. Unfortunately, her photos lack any magic.

Leila is far too nervous and looks stiff in her shoot. For someone who usually photographs beautifully, she is surprising those around her, especially Johnny, for the worst.

Kiara knows where she came from and knows what needs to be done in order to win. This is exactly what is seen through the poses she hits time after time during her shoot.

Laura is too sexy. No, literally. Ben tells her over and over again that she’s posing too sexy for this particular shoot. The stress is still filling her head to where she cannot concentrate. 

Dressed in pants which represent four colors of the rainbow, the models line up in front of the judging panel. Tyra, Rob, Kelly Cutrone and Bryanboy welcome each of the girls to analyze their photo.

Rob and Kelly are at odds about Leila’s photo. Kelly says it’s too sexy. Rob thinks it’s spot on and confident. Tyra sees both sides as right. Bryanboy simply looks like an old-school version of Toni Braxton with his new hairstyle. 

Kelly’s claws come out as she gives Kiara a 7, all because she didn’t look at the camera. The shot is beautiful and soft and dream-like. Rob seems to be the only one who likes it.

Nastasia delivers another gorgeous photo, but is it appropriate for the fragrance? Kelly loves it, thinking of her daughter, who may look to this particular ad. Rob, on the other hand, thinks she’s fallen flat.

Laura, as stated before, is too sexy. It’s stereotypical instead of pushing the envelop as Laura’s done before.

Best Photo: Kiara

Nastasia and Laura find themselves in the bottom two. Only one of them will continue on as part of the Final 3 to walk in a fashion show. The social media votes separate the two models by three-tenths of a point.

Eliminated: Nastasia

I’m sad to see Nastasia go. She’s a strong model with a unique look. Laura started strong in this competition, but it’s obvious that she’s steadily falling downhill. I don’t see her winning like, I’m sure, we all did before. What do you think? Are you happy with the Final 3?

Next week on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the models take to the runway with spooky, ghost-like fashions. Make sure you tune in next Friday at 8pm on The CW for the season finale.

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Jilliane Johnson

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