The singing is over for this exhausting week on The Voice and now it’s time to find out who’s moving on and who’s going home. Let’s just hope Karl Rove doesn’t take issue with what Carson Daly reports.

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Wednesday night saw the teams of Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera take the stage, and in my opinion there was a sizeable gap between the top 5 and the bottom 5.

I’ve already made my predictions for Team Adam and Team Blake, so now it’s time to predict which of the other team members will make it to the Top 12 on The Voice. Hopefully come Friday morning I can do a victory lap like Nate Silver.


Top 2: Trevin Hunte and Mackenzie Bourg

Trevin was clearly the best and Mackenzie was cool and young with his quirky take on One Direction. It seems insanely obvious that these two should be the top vote-getters.

Cee Lo’s Choice: Cody Belew

This might seem odd, but I think Cody’s oddball enthusiasm is something that really appeals to Cee Lo and, as a southern boy with country roots, he has the best chance for success out of the three others.

Going Home: Diego Val and Nicholas David

Maybe this is wishful thinking because I really don’t think either of these guys should’ve made it this far. Diego gave the least sexy Enrique Iglesias performance ever while Nicholas, though praised and loved by the coaches, is a relic who doesn’t belong with the rest of the singers on this show. That’s not just about his age, it’s also about his style of singing.


Top 2: De’borah and Dez Duron

When it comes to who gets the most votes, I think about who stands out. And while Xtina’s other three performers are basically Mini-Xtina clones, De’borah with her soulful, unique personality and Dez with hit hot guy status both stand out. They were also both quite good.

Xtina’s Choice: Sylvia Yacoub

She was great and is easily the best of the Mini-Xtinas. If it actually comes down to this, Xtina has a very easy decision to make.

Going Home: Adriana Louise and Devyn DeLoera

This would be no big loss, especially since I’m not sure they’re even different people. The one thing Xtina doesn’t want to do is split votes among her team, and having both of these girls around does just that.

What do you think about who’s going home on The Voice and which six singers from these two teams will move on?

The Voice results show airs Thursday at 8pm on NBC.

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