It’s time for the results! The Voice has been full of performing for several weeks, but now the decision is in America’s hands. Tonight the top two vote-getters from each team will automatically move on to the next round, then each coach will get to pick one other singer from their team to become a part of the Top 12.

Team Adam and Team Blake Predictions>>
Team Cee Lo and Team Xtina Predictions>>

After that, the coaches are out of the process on The Voice. Next week the Top 12 will perform and the bottom two, regardless of team, will get eliminated. I’m curious to see how that works out and whether one team will get decimated early on.

But that’s for next week. Right now it’s all about the results. And a performance by Maroon 5 (gee, I wonder how they were able to book them?). Also, season 2 winner Jermaine Paul debuts his new single, “I Believe in This Life,” which most definitely sounds NOTHING like The Wanted’s “Glad You Came.” Except, you know, if you listen to it.

Carson Daly lets us know “this is truly the night you were waiting for.” Then why did we waste our time with those first 19 episodes?

Cee Lo Green is in a giant kimono. The Voice should totally win an Emmy for costumes.

Team Adam and Team Blake: “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson

Can we please put a ban on all group performances during results shows? They’re NEVER good. I’d much rather have a second song by Maroon 5. Hell, I’d take some social media nonsense from Christina Milian over this.


I’m predicting Amanda and Bryan for the Top 2 with Melanie as Adam’s pick. Let’s see how I did.

Amanda Brown is…IN THE TOP 2!
Bryan Keith is…IN THE TOP 2!

Woohoo, I nailed it! Of course that was pretty obvious. Now Adam has to make his pick.

Adam Levine saves…Melanie Martinez!

And just like that, I’m off to a perfect start! To be honest, I’m not really gonna miss Loren Allred (whoever that is) and Joselyn Rivera (because we already have enough Mini-Xtinas).

Maroon 5: “Daylight”

It’s a sweet song, but the stage makes it look like they’re singing in Smurf Heaven (because everyone in the band is wearing all blue). This would be so much cooler if Bloody Face showed up and ripped Adam Levine’s arm off in the middle of the song.

Jermaine Paul: “I Believe in This Life”

It’s the season 2 winner of The Voice! He’s singing a song that reminds me so much of The Wanted’s mega-hit “Glad You Came” that every time the music starts up, I fully expect the first lyrics to be “You cast a spell on me, spell on me.” Can someone on the Internet please do a mash-up of these two songs to highlight the similarities?


I’ve predicted Liz and Terry to get the Top 2 spots while Blake will choose Cassadee. This is the team I’m least confident in with my predictions.

Terry McDermott is…IN THE TOP 2!
Cassadee Pope is…IN THE TOP 2!

Yay! I’m not exactly correct, but I still had both of them making the Top 12.

Blake Shelton saves…Michaela Paige!

Wowsers! How did Blake not pick Liz Davis, the country girl? I’m not totally disappointed because I like Michaela, but I feel like Michaela and Cassadee will compete for the same votes. This may give Cee Lo and Xtina added incentive to make sure Dez Duron and Cody Belew move on, because the country vote is wide open. Oh well, as long as Julio Cesar Castillo is gone, I’m happy.

Team Cee Lo and Team Xtina: “Drive By” by Train

This is marginally less awful than the first group performance. Mostly because you have people like Cody Belew who is a pretty outstanding performer. I feel like if he was on America’s Got Talent, he would absolutely win.


My prediction? De’borah and Dez  in the Top 2 with Xtina saving Sylvia. I’m pretty confident those three will make it, regardless of how it happens.

Dez Duron is…IN THE TOP 2!
Sylvia Yacoub is…IN THE TOP 2!

Well, that’s partially right. Now Xtina had better make the RIGHT decision.

Christina Aguilera saves…Adriana Louise!

HELLS NO! Christina is just plain awful. De’borah could’ve won and this is just plain wrong on every conceivable level. Ugh. Well, at least Adriana will get voted out next week and Xtina will immediately have to regret this bad decision. Oh well, 7/9 so far isn’t so bad.


Let’s see if I can regain my prediction glory. I have Trevin and Mackenzie as the Top 2 with Cody as Cee Lo’s pick.

Trevin Hunte is…IN THE TOP 2!
Nicholas David is…IN THE TOP 2!

WTF??? Really, America? I guess you like baby-making music.

Cee Lo Green saves…Cody Belew!

Sigh. I’m happy for Cody, but I already miss Mackenzie. This means my two favorite singers (Mackenzie and De’borah) are both gone. That just hurts.

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