After filming season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards made the decision to check into rehab to treat her alcohol addiction. Now, season 3 is documenting her road to recovery as well as her attempts to repair a frayed relationship with her sister, Kyle Richards.

“This season I promise you will see some great changes,” Kim wrote on her Bravo blog. “I am in a wonderful place and working hard on myself. My road to sobriety hasn’t been easy but I am fortunate enough to have a great support system. Rebuilding my life has had its challenges, but it has been so well worth it!”

Kim explains that her path to recovery continues to be a struggle, especially considering the situations being on the show puts her in.

“Going to Lisa’s Villa Blanca party: I was very nervous and still very new in my recovery,” she said. “The combination of a party and the conflicts with Brandi and my sister were all extremely anxiety provoking. The party aspect alone in early recovery can be so overwhelming!”

As for her relationship with her sister, Kim says it still tends to be a little tumultuous.

“It’s no secret we have had our difference. After coming home from treatment I felt like my sister and I had a real shot at a new beginning. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and a lot of damage had been done, but I felt encouraged to mend one of the most important relationships in my life. I saw her a few times and things were fine on the surface, but then I just didn’t see her at all. I didn’t feel the same comfort that I had with my sister in the past. Things were awkward.”

Kim also said that she didn’t feel like Kyle gave her a fair chance to explain herself about the party situation, and that she was just trying to take some time for her health and her family before making commitments to social functions that she just wasn’t ready for yet.

“Overall I am excited for you all to see a new me: a sober me. Of course we all have our moments, you will see me cry and you will see me happy. But you will see me trying my very best to stay true to myself, my sobriety and most of all my children.”

(Image and videos courtesy of Bravo)

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV