Lots of promos for this week’s America’s Next Top Model installment, “The Guy Who Parties Too Hard” insinuate the punch line before the first minute of celluloid even hits our small screens. So, is Adam going home this week? I’m hoping not because he’s come a long way this cycle.

Adam went from major party douche to hot stand-up guy. His abbreviated tresses are 60% responsible for the increased hottness. Ten percent of his increased allure can be attributed to how hard he’s been working and how much he improves each week, according to Tyra. The remaining 30% is split between the mature way he handled being provoked and physically assaulted by Romeo and the fact that he’s been rather low key the last several episodes.

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Will Adam Crash This Eve(ning)?

So, is this evening Adam’s last curtain call? Everyone is worried about his alcohol intake. This is the entire focus of the previews and the first 10 minutes of the ANTM episode. What’s surprisingly sweet is how most of his modeling cohort appear to genuinely care about the professed party animal, especially Will, who says he loves Adam so much. Whatever’s going on inside that tight little body, Adam is drowning those demons with alcohol. And those who care about him are disturbed by it — disturbed and concerned. The silver lining here is that this kind of concern for a fellow participant is so much better to watch than all that crappy Mirjana drama. Thank you, ANTM editors and producers for giving us the positive despite the struggle we’re seeing on-screen.

The Come-Back Girl Could Get Sent Back Home

The other repeated focus of the first fifteen minutes of this episode is the disdain almost all the models have for Chantelle, the gal who won her way back into the on-screen episodes by way of her social media scores. From the moment she returned, Chantelle looked down her nose a the others. Whatever bravado she’s projecting is most likely fueled by some deep insecurity over God-only-knows-what. Earlier this cycle, Will experienced a return of early life discomfort when Denzel was overheard disrespecting Will for his radical femininity. We all have vulnerabilities from early life that plague us in our darkest moments. We learn as we mature to protect ourselves from those who would poke sharp sticks at us just for the fun of it. 

Chantelle could very well be a delightful person. However, her response to having to reintegrate into an already solidified ‘family’ of competitors is to put on her cloak of bravado that others, unfortunately, interpret as haughty disdain. They are not wrong, but I hope this beautiful, unique young lady is able to shed her tough exterior and let the others see who she really is. Otherwise she is going to have a miserable experience, and will wind up with the world thinking she’s a complete bitch. 

KPop Performers, They Are Not

Once in Seoul, the models meet with Yu Tsai, Miss J. (whose sweater I just might rip right off his body because it’s so outrageously gorgeous), and a KPop band called BtoB, which stands for ‘Born To Beat.’ Kpop, apparently, is a style wave that is sweeping Asia, and perhaps the world (?). It’s a combination of music, dance and fashion. As such, the models are given a dance lesson and told they will be performing in public wearing some rad duds and will be evaluated on their modeling and their dance style. 

Adam and Lenox end up sucking rocks as far as their dance moves are concerned, but Keith, Raelia, and Chantelle are the top three. In the end, Raelia wins the challenge. 

Adam drinks his dinner and his breakfast. Will offers him some water to combat the dehydration of the hangover, but Adam is of the ‘hair of the dog that bit you’ philosophy, so he prefers to wash down a little breakfast with a couple more brewskies.

City Hall Meets MCM Luxury Goods

For this episode’s ANTM photo shoot, we have creative director Yu Tsai along with returning photographer Erik Asla and Tyra Banks as eyebrow stylist. The product: MCM Luxury Goods which are represented by featured MCM’s Global Artistic Director Michael Michalsky. This line of products features a lot of large stuffed animals made in, is that leather? I’m not really understanding the whole stuffed animal thing as an adult product, but that may be because most of my taste is in my mouth. So, let’s just go with it.

While everyone is getting gussied up, Adam reveals that he drinks to feel more relaxed around people. Unfortunately, his multiple beers result in a photo shoot that’s nothing short of a steaming hot mess. Tsai says teaching Adam to model is like trying to eat Ramen with only one chopstick. Will, on the other hand, kicks the crap out of his photo shoot. His best shot is smokin’ hot and interesting.


Keith struggles a bit. He’s crushing on Tyra and excited about her touching him as she draws on his eyebrows. She advises him not to deflect all the criticism Yu Tsai throws at him. She says Keith needs to let some of that antagonism get inside and piss him off. Use that, she tells him, to “fuel the energy of the photo shoot.”

Raelia’s photo shoot is a disaster because she’s way too sexy for MCM, according to Michael Michalsky. Shei does okay once she finally gets the light on her features as it should be. Chantelle ends up getting pissed off because Yu Tsai’s pet name for her is ‘Panda.’ I think I’d be pissed as well, but baby girl has to learn to swallow that rage and project a beautific image for the camera. 

Besties Will and Raelia

Will mentions several times how close he and Raelia have become during this competition. As I mentioned in the beginning, it is so refreshing to watch healthy relationships form on this show rather than watching nasty drama scar the experience. We’re all tormented over Adam, yet charmed by the affection between Will and Raelia. Will has said that if it’s down to him and Raelia, he doesn’t even care if she beats him because it will be a win either way — that’s how much he cares for her. He says she feels the same way, but one has to wonder if anyone in such a fierce competition would say that (other than Will, of course). This has been a different kind of cycle and I am liking it. What do you think? Would you rather see nasty skanky drama, or positive relationship development between competitors?

It’s Panel Time and Tyra’s Got Voldemort Wrapped Around Her Head

What’s with the yellow turban, Tyra? Don’t you know that’s how Voldemort almost regained life in the first Harry Potter movie? Now, I am a self-professed Tyra Banks fan, but what’s going on, Sweetie Pie? Those puppy dog extensions and the heavy lid makeup are covering up your natural beauty. I miss the elegantly sophisticated and glamorous Tyra of yester-cycle. Can we get her back?

The Top Three

Keith – Tyra, Miss J. and Kelly love everything this man is doing in his shot. Tyra loves the crazy magic face. Everyone gives him tens. 

Will – Miss J. screams out, “Ow! Leaps and bounds! Ten!” Kelly says it’s everything to her. Face is beautiful, face is awesome, not a single thing wrong with it. Kelly and Tyra both gave 10s as well.

Lenox – Tyra says she wants more oomph from her photos. Kelly says Lenox’s photos are “dirty expensive” and “sexy street.” She loves the face. I think Kelly is in love with Lenox because she gushes every week and I’m just not seeing what she’s seeing. Miss J. doles out some criticism, and Kelly jumps down his throat. They almost come to blows. I’m telling you, Cutrone’s got a softie for Lenox. When J. gives Lenox a score of seven, Kelly is apoplectic and says he just gave the meanest score of the season. She gives baby girl a 10. The hell?

The Bottom Three

Adam – I thought for sure he was going to get the boot. Tyra asks him if he was under the influence during the shoot and he actually admits it. Wow, that kinda surprised me. Way to go, Adam, for manning up and admitting the truth, but you better heed Tyra’s words and get your sh*t together, dude. Addictions of all shapes and sizes are remorseless assassins, so get it under control or get some help.

Raelia – Tyra says she’s bubbly and people love to be around her, but she’s not sure Raelia understands how to use her beauty to her advantage. Kelly says she looks like she took way too many Ambian before the photo shoot. Tyra says she looks like she wasn’t really there. It’s Miss J. who recognizes that what’s happening is that Raelia gets too much inside her own head when what she really needs to do is relax.

Chantelle – Tyra says Chantelle has a strong face, but a cold personality. Amazingly gorgeous photos are not forthcoming on a consistent enough basis with this model. Tyra says Chantelle is obsessed with being in control when what she really needs to get under control is her unattractive attitude. All the judges complain about Chantelle’s attitude.

Raelia is sent home

… And Will is devastated. During their final embrace, Raelia commands her bestie to win this thing for them both. I am sorry to see her go. “I have a huge life ahead of me,” she says in her voiceover. This is the best parting comment I have ever heard in 21 cycles of America’s Next Top Model. Those are mighty words from a girl who grew up with almost nothing. You go, girl!

Well, it looks like Adam survived this round, Keith took first call-out, and Chantelle got knocked down a peg or two. What will happen next week? The worst part of America’s Next Top Model is waiting six days to see the net episode. Let’s all pray this week goes by fast. See you then!

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