It’s Project Runway All Stars Season 4! I know I missed the premiere last week (I’m super sad that Patricia went home first…sad face!), but don’t worry little fashion chickens, I’m here now to lead you through the rest of the season.

Alyssa Milano, the very pregnant host of PRAS, meets the designers in a warehouse that usually serves as a cutting edge fashion venue but is currently under construction. That’s because this is the unconventional material challenge. I couldn’t be happier that this is coming so soon where we get to see lots of crazy looks go down the runway. The designers, not so much.

The challenge is to take masculine materials from the construction site and transform them into feminine outfits. When Michelle asks if they can take the construction workers, Alyssa tells them no, but they can take their clothes. This isn’t the Thunder from Down Under challenge, Michelle!

Alexandria gets a little possesed by the construction demons. She yells at Sonjia when she gets a little too close to her things. But she manages to grab lots of black tubing. 

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To Build a Dress

Alexandria talks about how she’s still wounded after losing Season 12. She wants to show her kids at Camp Couture never to give up. She’s making a black dress that somewhat resembles a black trash bag with wires around the bottom. Michelle says her model looks like a girl who went out drinking and fell into a fence and brought the fence home with her. Dmitry says it looks like a cage without its bird. Either way, it’s not looking very pretty.

Ben is concerned that he and Justin are making similar looks. So Justin adds some black plastic pull ties on his white plastic dress to make an ombre effect. Fabio admires the transformation, calling Justin a genius for manipulating the materials in such a way.

Jay is ripping apart his blue tarp to make a frayed/feathered look. He’s annoying everyone in the workroom with his shredding. He’s also making a cool necklace made of nails, but Zanna warns him it may not be feminine enough.

Helen is making a dress made of tiles and sandpaper that looks a lot like a work of modern art. Sam’s ropes on the bust make it look like someone is grabbing her model’s boobs. Gunnar has a dress made with long metallic fringe. Michelle is painting different tarp to make her own graphic chevron textile. And Kate is working on yet another white bridal piece.

Dmitry starts to make a dress with tarp but changes his mind and starts to construct a bodice made of rope instead. The only thing is that Chris is also making a rope dress and he thinks Dmitry is stealing his look. He gets irritated and decides to change the design of his skirt so the two looks aren’t too similar. But Dmitry, in true Dmitry fashion, just does exactly what he wants to do and ignores Chris. He says Chris is only mad because his is better, which is kind of true.

Zanna gives Sonjia a bad critique so she scraps her original idea and creates a dress made of yellow caution tape. Michelle points out that she has to be careful about the strips of tape coming apart on the runway, so Sonjia has to figure out a way to fix it and she’s running out of time. 

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To Build a Runway

Joining Alyssa and regular judges Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi are Jersey Store stars Jenni Farley (JWoww), Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) and fashion designer Elie Tahari.


Justin- Elie thinks the look is amazing and so elegant. Isaac loves the back and Georgina says it looks like it’s made of futuristic bird feathers. Isaac says it looks like a dress Jennifer Lawrence would fall down on the red carpet in.

Jay- Alyssa loves the way he manipulated the tarp and adores the necklace. Georgina likes the lightness of the tarp combined with the heft of the nails. Snooki says it’s a fabulous garbage bag dress.

Kate- Elie says that the length isn’t very mature or sophisticated but Georgina thinks it’s sweet. She likes how she’s used the materials to create something so feminine. Alyssa doesn’t like it though. She says it looks like arts and crafts lingerie. Ouch.


Michelle- Snooki thinks it looks pretty and feminine, like something she would wear. Elie and Alyssa like the print and the textile, but Alyssa says the silhouette seems like an afterthought. Isaac says it’s not a wow piece and Georgina tells her she needs to step up her game.

Alexandria- Georgina says there’s nothing flattering about the black dress, to say nothing of the cage detail. Isaac says it’s upsetting and he can’t find anything he likes about it. Snooki says that it looks like a spider costume.

Chris- Snooki points out that there are too many holes in the bodice and she’s distracted looking for the nipples. Georgina says he failed to transform the materials because it just looks like rope. Isaac hates the top, but is compelled by the shape of the skirt.

The judges deem Justin the winner of the challenge. Surprisingly enough, it’s his first challenge win ever! Yay Justin!

The judges eliminate Alexandria, who is extremely bitter about going home because she’s not a “construction worker.” And the judges warn Michelle about taking more risks as she goes on in the competition.

Next week: Who is good and who is wicked for the Wicked on Broadway challenge? Either way, I’m sure Kate will be making something bridal!

A new episode of Project Runway All Stars airs every Thursday at 9pm on Lifetime.

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