It’s been two long weeks without Hell’s Kitchen so many may not remember that Ramsey sent Ashley on her way. While Ashley had some skill, it wasn’t enough to make Ramsay happy. Now that the World Series is over, can Ramsay rally the troops or is someone else gone before we even get started? Let’s get ready for a grand slam as these chefs try to reach the next level of endurance on Hell’s Kitchen.

More Trouble after Ashley Leaves?

Steve celebrates as Frank is switched to the Red Team. Steve shouldn’t celebrate! Frank saved him more times than I can count. The Red Team loses Sade to the Blue Team. So the teams are realigned again. Sade isn’t happy but Frank seems content.

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The Call to Compete

Ramsay meets the teams outside with the announcement that VIPs will be arriving for a special dinner the next night. As two limousines arrive, it looks like Hell’s Kitchen has gone to the dogs. No, they’re just hosting the Ramsay “Best of Show” dinner for the American Kennel Club. The chefs will compete to see whose dish makes the menu that will be served at this special dinner. With that said, the return to the kitchen to cook.

Right off, Sade and her team seem confused. Of course the guys blame Sade, but I think it’s because they don’t want to listen to her. The Red Team meanwhile still hates Sterling but seem to accept Frank. Jenn is probably the worst on the Red Team. By refusing to work with Sterling, she could lose them the competition.

The Competition

Douglas Keane and Neal Fraser, both renowned chefs (with pedigree dogs, might I add), are the judges. The “seafood” dishes are first with the Red Team’s Sterling winning for his “love inspired” crab dish while Fernando wins for the Blue Team with a shrimp dish.

The entrees are a different matter. The judges have loved the seafood but the meat is proving a problem. There are problems with both duck entrees and it’s questionable who will win the other meat dish. While Jennifer wins for the Red Team, Bryant wins for the Blue Team so the duck will be the deciding dish. Frank wins and the Red Team will be going on a trip to Sea World, as well as the restaurant Searsucker with the CEO Chef Brian Malarkey . The Red Team must wash some of their special guests (the dogs) and prepare the dining room for the event.

The Hell’s Kitchen Best in Show Dinner

As the teams prep, Sterling offers love to all but Frank who gets told to stay focused. The Blue Team, however, is not so encouraging with Sade. I guess the trio is afraid she will see through them. Steve claims he won’t let her bring them down and he may be right. Steve does a good job of that all by himself.

Ramsay tells them that the appetizers will go out after the first round of the dog show. The judges will not announce the results until after the food has been served. It may be a long night and I hope the dogs don’t get restless.

As appetizers go out for the Hell’s Kitchen Best of Show, the chefs are the ones on the hot seat. The chefs love watching the dogs but shouldn’t they be cooking? Finally, food starts to leave the kitchen and Frank has problems with the Red Team’s salads. How do you mess up a cold salad? While the Blue Team finish strong, the Red Team has problems with the last order because of Frank’s salads.

The second round of the show begins as Ramsay starts the entrees. In this version of Hell’s Kitchen, the entrees usually make or break the night. While the Red Team has a leader in LaTasha, the Blue Team is having some problems with who is leading the team. The only thing Santos knows is that he is tired of hearing yell his name. When in doubt in Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay steps in and tells all to listen to Sade. Guess who doesn’t? That’s right! It’s Steve, who starts yelling over her.

With the dog show judges anxious to award the winner, Marino is called over to the judges table and asked to see if they can speed things up. Listen lady! This is Hell’s Kitchen and these chefs couldn’t hurry if they had to. As the smoke clears, the Blue Team wins and finishes ahead of the Red Team and the beautiful black Water Portuguese dog wins.

The Results

Ramsay announces that the Blue Team has won. The Red Team must come up with two nominees and Frank is the obvious choice due to salads. The second nominee is hard. Roe doesn’t want to go home due to cauliflower and Jenn doesn’t think she does anything wrong. Sterling also is at fault due to those dry pork chops. 

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Ramsay Delivers No Ribbons to the Red Team

Ramsay asks for the nominees from Frank and he tells Ramsay he is the first nominee due to the salad. The second nominee is Sterling because of the pork chops. Ramsay calls both forward and asks them to defend their skills. Sterling thinks he’s strong while Frank has a passion which is not coming through in his plea. Did I say plea? Frank goes on and on and all get bored.

Ramsay tells both to take off their jackets and then to get back in line. Ramsay isn’t sending anyone home because both teams finished dinner. He does warn them that the stakes are higher because they can manage a dinner service. Sterling thanks Ramsay as he heads upstairs.

Next Week:

Sade takes a stand against the men and the men turn against her. Rock superstar Steven Tyler of Aerosmith stops by for the dinner. Unfortunately, the Red Team doesn’t seem to be up for the performance as Tyler takes to the dining room for his own show.

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