Earlier this week, on the first part of the Season 6 reunion, Dina talked about her rocky relationship with her family, Teresa walked off after hearing her cousins talk smack about her, and Nicole tried to accuse Amber of having a nose job. And that was just the beginning. Here are the top 8 moments from part two of the reunion.

8. The Gorgas and the Giudices Aren’t Close

While Joe and Melissa and Joe and Teresa have essentially buried that hatchet, the two couples don’t seem to be close at all. Joe Gorga clearly cares for his sister and is concerned for her family, but he admits all of this hasn’t really brought them closer. Teresa says “family is family” but she seems to only tolerate Melissa for the cameras as opposed to really liking her. I suppose she has bigger fish to fry.

Joe Gorga also says that he doesn’t blame Joe Giudice to what’s happening to his sister. Teresa’s stood by her husband, so it would be counter-productive of Joe Gorga to do anything else. Joe Giudice does say that he takes responsibility and blames himself. It’s something he’ll have to live with. 

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7.Teresa Blames the Show

Teresa says that she doesn’t regret signing on for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she was naive when she made the decision. She says she used to do it for fun, but then some people (from Kim G. and Danielle Staub to even Melissa and Jacqueline) came on the show to try and hurt her reputation. She’s had friendships ruined because of this show, and that’s something she wishes hadn’t happened.

She says that she doesn’t expect the viewers (or anyone, for that matter) to feel bad for her. She says she feels bad for herself and she’ll deal with that on her own.

6. Teresa Doesn’t Understand

Teresa tells Andy that she really didn’t understand that her guilty plea could possibly lead to jail time. Either Teresa’s lawyers failed her miserably or she is really, really, stupid. And I hate to say it, but I have a feeling it’s the latter.

5. Karma’s a Bitch (Clink-Clink)

Teresa A. tries to infuse herself into the Giudice’s legal situation conversation by saying that Teresa Giudice got what was coming to her after she said what she said about her mother. Teresa Giudice keeps her cool and insists that she had nothing to be sorry for. But Teresa A. is thinks that she’s responsible for this horrible rumor about her mother and she won’t be convinced otherwise.

4. Nicole and Bobby Forever

Nicole claims that she’s “in a good place” with her boyfriend Bobby, although she gets some side-eyes from her cast mates after saying that. She sees them being engaged within the next year and her sister is okay with that. She thinks they’re good together. Also he’s may have been single for a long time before he met Nicole, but he’s not gay.

Amber claims that Nicole is just with Bobby because of his money. And when the guys join the ladies on set, Jim claims that Bobby never really liked Nicole but he was only with her to be on the show. As evidence of his want for fame, he shows Andy some pictures of Bobby with Teresa and Melissa. He claims he just ran into the cast members around New Jersey and he wasn’t seeking them out.

3. Nicole is Not a Homewrecker

The reason Amber called Nicole a homewrecker was because the man she was seeing before Bobby was a separated, but still technically married, man. Nicole says that no, he was not divorced at the time of the relationship, but they had been separated for five years.

After things get combative between the twins and Amber, Amber tells them that the only reason they’re on the show is because there are two of them and they neither of them can stand without the other. Nicole threatens to take Amber down and Amber tells her 45 year-old ass to bring it. 

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2. Jim is Not a Lawyer

Jim started off this season by not wanting to hang out with any of the other male cast members because they were criminals and he’s a lawyer. Except guess what? He’s not actually a lawyer. He starts flapping his jaw about how much money he makes advising lawyers and everyone collectively rolls their eyes. Melissa tries to warn him not to talk about his finances on the show (a smart suggestion, especially coming from Melissa) but he keeps bragging about how he built himself from nothing and now he makes $8.5 million a year. Which leads us to…

1. Jim Is the Worst

Jim says that he has a scorched earth policy: if you’re cruel to him, he’s cruel to you. But he doesn’t seem like he needs much of an excuse to be nasty to people.

Yet he completely denies being nasty. He maintains that he treats women like equals but only talks to them with respect if they treat him with respect. Which is an utter lie because he’s made personal attacks on nearly all of the women on this show. When Joe Gorga says he would never speak to women like how Jim speaks to women, Jim says “well you called your sister garbage.” Joe Gorga puts him in his place and tells him not to talk about his sister at all.

I can’t even believe that this guy Jim came on this show and managed to make the rest of the men look like class acts. Who would have thought.

The reunion will conclude with part 3 on Tuesday, November 11 at 9pm on Bravo.

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