Tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model was the ever popular makeover episode.  Things got started when the girls found Tyra Banks sitting in their living room, dressed as a princess.  She told the girls a story of when she was a young model.  Someone in the industry told her and her mother that she should lose 15 pounds and Tyra’s mom said, “Screw that.  Let’s get a pizza!”  Instead of going down the high fashion route, Tyra took a different road and became a superstar thanks to Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated.  Don’t ask what this story had to do with makeovers, but after Miss Jay came out dressed like a witch and Mr. Jay, dressed as Prince Couture saved her, the girls found out they were getting new looks.  Only Tyra could deliver that news in such a weird way.

Makeovers Galore!

For the most part, the makeovers were pretty tame and not very dramatic at all.  Isis received longer hair as did Brittany.  Lauren Brie just lightened her look, while Marjorie darkened it.  Clark and McKey went jet black and Sheena received lighter highlights.  The most dramatic change went to Elina, who received red, curly hair.  She broke down crying, saying that she didn’t even recognize herself when she looked in the mirror.  Tears also flowed from Samantha’s eyes, when her ponytail was chopped off and she was given a cropped, blonde ‘do.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 Makeover Gallery

Elina vs. Brittany

Elina and Brittany have managed to stay out of the drama in the house, until tonight, when they went head to head against each other.  When Brittany expressed how much she missed and loved her mom, Elina casually mentioned that she hated hers.  Joslyn teamed up with Brittany, confused as to why anyone would say such a thing about their mom.  Elina admitted that she saw and talked to her mother all the time and that her mother took care of her.  The girls said that Elina was just using her mother, a comment that upset her and made her feel uncomfortable with the conversation.

Swimsuit Shots

Tonight’s photo competition took place at a beautiful beach, and the girls changed into swimsuits for their shots.  With new looks and newfound confidence, several girls stepped up their game and turned out great shots like Lauren Brie, Elina, Marjorie, Sheena, and Samantha.  Brittany landed in the bottom along with Analeigh.  Brittany was there for being just a pretty face, who was unable to connect with the camera.  Analeigh is there because, as a skater, they expected that she would be ahead of the game and has yet to really deliver.  Brittany was eliminated and she’ll be talking to BuddyTV tomorrow about her experience on the show.

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