On this week’s America’s Next Top Model, the remaining models deal with the aftermath of the latest judges’ panel. Jourdan, having come in first for a third time, is feeling pretty confident. Phil, who’s been in the bottom three times, is looking like the next one to go.

They also discuss the possibility of which eliminated model(s) might be coming back. Phil seems confident that one of the guys will return because, overall, they’ve been performing more strongly than the girls. Yes, there are five guys left and only three girls, but Phil is at the bottom of the pack. It doesn’t help that Tyra gave him a horrible makeover, but if any guy is taking home that prize package, it’s going to be Cory, Chris H., Marvin or Don.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Jourdan is gracious enough to offer to share the Tyra Suite with runner-up Renee, even though she isn’t impressed by Renee’s photo. Renee has bigger problems, as she is the object of “Starvin’ Marvin’s” affections. She puts up a front, but she confides in Jourdan that she’s got a bit of that lovin’ feeling when it comes to the desperate Lothario.

Don’t Call Us…

The models meet up with Rob and Alexis Borges, the director of Next Model Management. For this week’s challenge, this bevy of beauties need to find out if they have the right stuff to get booked for a big LA fashion event. Guys and girls alike will go on two castings.

All of the models meet with designer Paulie Gibson. He finds Nina’s perkiness infectious, but is disappointed in Marvin’s lack of swagger. Even though he loves Jourdan’s walk, he can’t find a distinguishing characteristic about her. One of Gibson’s assistants even says how much she bores him. Renee impresses the designer with how she sells herself. He books everyone except Marvin and Jordan. Gibson advises Marvin to project more and tells Jourdan she comes across as flat.

The girls meet with XCVI designer Daniela Zeitzer. Nina and Jourdan strike out, but Renee gets yet another booking. Renee is over the moon, and the fact that Jourdan bombed is just the icing on the cake. Jourdan has a panic attack because “runway is her thing,” and she wasn’t expecting not to book any shows. She looks for sympathy in the wrong place because when she expresses how dumbfounded she is at the fact that the designers weren’t blown away by her personality, Renee tells her arch nemesis that, while the rest of the group are at “100,” she’s hovering around “10.”

The guys pay a visit to Civil Society’s creative director Brad Schwartz. Schwartz feels Don and Cory are too interchangeable and thinks Phil’s a bit of a smart a**, but he says he kind of likes that about him. Don, Phil and Chris get the booking. Once again, Marvin is shut out due to his lack of confidence.

The models who landed jobs participate in runway shows that same night. Renee wins the challenge hands-down. Not only do the judges love how she was able to hold her own, but Rob points out that the designer putting his arm around her at the end of the show is a very big deal.

The Grass is Greener

The models head to Canyon Ranch for their photo shoot. The contestants will be rolling around in the grass wearing couture while being photographed from above. Renee is a bit distracted, still reeling from the fact that she snuck into Marvin’s bed at 2am for some cuddle time. She confides in Cory, who asks if they kissed, and she immediately and indignantly says no. Renee can’t stand the fact that she’s got it bad for Starvin’ Marvin.

It’s not exactly an exciting photo shoot since all they have to do is manage to lay down and look good while doing it. But believe it or not, some of the models struggle with the task. Phil’s fear of getting eliminated holds him back. Marvin can’t do anything right in Johnny’s eyes, which doesn’t bode well given his poor challenge showing.

Renee is ready to “knock Jourdan off her pedestal.” And Jourdan thinks Renee is getting too cocky. Johnny says Chris H. is “killing it” and learning his angles.

Battle of the Sexes

Things get testy back at the house after Marvin, who should be worried about getting kicked to the curb, says the guys are dominating the competition. Renee speaks up on behalf of the ladies, telling the boys that the three strongest girls are left and the boys better watch out. Chris H. says Renee thinks she’s a big deal now that she won one challenge. He also tells her she’s lucky she won anything because she doesn’t photograph well. She says they’ll all see what happens at panel.


Rob tells Nina that her shot looks edgy and editorial, and Kelly says Nina is blowing her away every week. Not only are the judges in love with Nina this week, but Bryanboy says she’s also the “queen of social media,” even surpassing Jourdan.

Challenge winner Renee gets some love from Rob and Tyra, but not Kelly. She still does better than Don, who the judges have pegged as one-dimensional.

Kelly is in disbelief that Jourdan couldn’t book a show and questions the girl as to why. Instead of admitting the comments about her personality flaws, she chooses to emphasize how Paulie Gibson told her that her walk was almost too good. She finally tells the judges that she was accused of having a bland personality. Tyra lets Jourdan know that if a designer gives a model a compliment like his/her walk is too good, that really means cookie cutter. Tyra isn’t a fan of Jourdan’s pic, and Jourdan’s social media scores are dropping. All of a sudden, the girl is like the Titanic.

Rob tells Phil he is turning into the ugliest woman. Rob berates Phil for not improving. Nobody, not even the fans, dig Phil this week. All the judges and social media are blown away by Chris H.’s photo. No big surprise, given Johnny’s praise during the shoot.

Bryanboy says it’s hard to find something positive about Marvin week after week, and the judges seem to agree.

Chris H. wins best photo, and Nina is the runner-up. Phil and Marvin are in the bottom two. Phil is finally eliminated, and Marvin lives to fight another day.

Off the Bench

Tyra’s been cushioning the blow when eliminating contestants by reminding them they’ll have the opportunity to re-enter the competition. That time is now. All of the previously eliminated models make a surprise appearance at panel. Tyra explains how they have been working their butts off doing the same photo shoots as their on-camera counterparts — all the work, minus the drama. Phil joins the group of rejects, and Tyra says whoever has the highest social media score is back in the competition. Alexandra makes the cut and gets a second chance at becoming America’s next top model.

Tyra drops two other bombshells. First, all of the models will be traveling to Bali. Second, one of the eliminated male models will rejoin the competition as well. Too bad you’ll have to wait until next week to find out who.

America’s Next Top Model airs Fridays at 9pm on The CW.

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