Revolution season 2 picks up three months after the nukes took out American cities, devastated the militia, and the people at the Tower dispersed to various locations. It’s a darker and grittier world and show when it returns. 

Tracy Spiradakos and executive producers Ben Edlund (Supernatural, Firefly) and Rockne S. O’Bannon (Cult, Defiance) spoke with reporters about the changes coming to Revolution season 2.

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Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie) Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • This season is grittier and darker.
  • The bombs do drop and they deal with the aftermath of that. The show picks up three months after that event.
  • Charlie’s on her own and exploring her independence.
  • Tracy doesn’t think that Charlie and her mother will be able to come together. Charlie doesn’t really know her mother. And, she has anger.
  • Charlie will find romance.
  • Charlie can only count on herself this season. In season 1, she sent from someone who didn’t know anything about war to grow into a fighter.
  • Tracy wants to do a weekend without power. She’d miss the refrigerator, especially because she’d have to clean it first. And, her night light. It would be just her and her dog.
  • Charlie’s emotionally shut down. She has a fling, but doesn’t become emotionally tied to anyone.

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Ben Edlund Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • This is a story built on an alternate universe world.
  • “The nuclear bombs destabilized the story base in a cool way.” 
  • There is a shift in tone for season 2. 
  • Book 1 was about being ruled by militia force. This season, Book 2, is about settling down for a little bit. It allows for a deepening of culture. What do we become when things don’t work.
  • This isn’t a hopeless world.
  • The militia is done. It’s fragmented. Monroe is no longer in power. 
  • “What if Hitler didn’t take a bullet and had to get an odd job.”
  • They don’t have the Monroe villain to fight any more. He wore everything on his sleeve, this new villain won’t.
  • The reveal of the President “will take time.” In the first episode, the extension of those patriot will show up and see how they function. 

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Rockne S. O’Bannon Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • He was a fan of the show first and then joined for season 2. 
  • He sees Revolution as a saga. The people that we are seeing will be regarded as heroes 100 years from the events of the show. It’s not yet clear who the heroes will be, we are seeing that journey.
  • The characters are separated but landed in specific locations, but they will come back together.
  • “It had big ideas and really big emotions and it had big spectacle.” 
  • The bombs going off destabilizes the world and puts the characters in a much more difficult place.
  • Rachel spent the last 15 years trying to fix what she did. Now she can’t. Now, it’s about fixing herself and her relationships. “She tries to make amends for what she’s done.”
  • He sees that the world in 100 years could still be powerless. The future could be simplified.

Revolution season 2 premieres on Wednesday, September 25 at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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