All season long on Big Brother 15, I’ve been providing fun statistical facts about the game. They included records about nominations, evictions, competition wins, Have-Nots or really anything.

Now that it’s all over I’d like to look back one more time at Big Brother 15 to point out 15 different fun facts about how this season stacks up against others.

-Andy won the game only being nominated once all season. Season 5’s Drew Daniel is the only other winner to do this and season 3’s Danielle Reyes is the only other finalist to do it.

-GinaMarie finished in second place without ever winning a single Power of Veto competition. There are only two other HGs who have ever made it that far without winning the PoV: season 11’s Natalie Martinez and season 12’s Lane Elenburg.

-This is only the third time ever that the Final 2 both never had a single eviction vote cast against them. The others were season 4 and last year in season 14.

-This is the fourth season with a male/female finale. In all four seasons, the man won.

-This was the 10th season in which men have won more competitions than the women, but it was as close as it’s ever been, with men winning 15 and women winning 14. It’s the seventh season in a row where men won more PoVs than women, but only the third time that women won more HoHs than the men (the others being seasons 6 and 13).

-The average age of winners across all 15 seasons is almost exactly 27 and a half. Andy is just over 26 years and 10 months. He is only two weeks younger than Rachel Reilly was when she won season 13. He is also the sixth winner in a row under the age of 27.

-Andy is the first openly gay HG to win the game, and also the first openly gay HG to win more than three competitions.

-Andy got to cast more votes than anyone has ever done, voting 12 times to evict someone. All 12 HGs he voted for were evicted. Two other times he was HoH and nominated the evicted HG, meaning Aaryn is the only person he did not have a role in evicting.

-This is the second season in a row in which three different HGs won five or more competitions (Andy, McCrae and Aaryn). Season 9 is the only other season to feature multiple HGs winning five or more competitions, with Ryan Quicksall and Crazy James Zinkand.

-Spencer played in the most competitions this season with 24. He tied Andy for most HoH competitions with 14 and played in the most PoVs with 10. Second in PoVs were GinaMarie and Elissa, who each played in 8.

-Aaryn had the best winning percentage, winning 5 out of 13 competitions she played in, or roughly 38.5 percent. Of the 12 people who won competitions, Amanda had the worst percentage with only 1 out of 18, or 5.5 percent.

-Only four people never won a single competition: David, Nick, Howard and Candice. Candice had the most opportunities, playing in 11 competitions. Amanda did the worst at HoH competitions, losing all 11 times she played. GM did the worst at PoV competitions, losing all eight she played in.

-The Power of Veto was used 11 times, more than in any other season. It was won by 10 different people, also more than any other season. It was won four times by the HoH, tying the record set in season 14. Andy is only the second person ever to win PoV while he was HoH twice in a single season, the other being season 14’s Danielle Murphree.

-Spencer is the most nominated HG ever, getting nominated nine times (including at the Final 3). He survived seven eviction votes, which is also a record.

-Helen and Elissa were both Have-Nots for four weeks. Season 11’s Michele Noonan is the only other player to be a Have-Not for that long since the concept was introduced in season 11.

Bonus Fun Fact: From my recap of the Big Brother 15 premiere on June 26 to this piece on September 19 (which spans 86 days), I have spent the summer writing 136 articles about this show for BuddyTV.

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