Big Brother 15 has reached the end. After 90 days (which, it turns out, is about two weeks too long), either Andy, Spencer or GinaMarie will walk away as the winner, and half a million dollars richer.

On tonight’s 90-minute finale, we’ll see all three parts of the final HoH competition, the last eviction, plus the jury’s interrogation and decision. Dr. Will Kirby is also in the house and we’ll learn that the Brenchel Army made sure Elissa would win America’s Favorite (I assume). Andy has vowed to kill himself if that happens, so maybe we’ll get a live, on-air suicide as well.

BUT FIRST…this is my final Big Brother 15 live blog!

As I previously wrote, I’m both predicting and hoping for an Andy win, not only because I think he deserves it, but because either of the other two winning would just be embarrassing.

The Final HoH, Part 1

After six minutes of recapping, we get back to the disco roller derby. Spencer looks like a bear on roller skates and falls quite quickly.

Then it starts raining and foaming and Andy is a hot mess. Andy falls and GinaMarie wins part 1. This whole thing took about 20 minutes, and it’s pretty lame. Doing an endurance competition on roller skates seems really unfair, especially if some people are better at roller skating. Competitions should involve specialized skills like that. It ends with GM celebrating and accidentally swallowing some glitter.

The Final HoH, Part 2

Now it’s Andy vs. Spencer in the second part. The set looks like the bottom of the sea, and Andy feels like the Little Mermaid. They need to find the faces of all the HGs buried in the sand and put them in the order they were evicted atop a wall they must climb.

It’s tough for Andy, but he has to remember Spencer is in far worse shape than he is. He wins me over with the line “All I need is Candice’s crab.” He inverts Aaryn and Helen, but quickly corrects himself and finishes.

Spencer’s strategy is to get all the faces first, then climb the wall. Once he climbs, he’s wheezing almost immediately. He takes some time to dig deep and then try again. Yeah, this is a bad competition for fat guys.

Andy: 21:54
Spencer:  36:11

Andy wins part 2. And it’s not even close, he won by 15 minutes.


Andy works hard to convince GM that the jury hates him and Spencer would win so she’ll take him if she wins. GM cries and tells us that she would actually take Andy because he deserves it more.

Spencer’s strategy is simply to convince everyone that he’s the perfect patsy to get second, ensuring the other would win. That’s about right.

Dr. Will and the Jury

Dr. Will Kirby meets with the jury to go over who should win. Helen freaks out over meeting him. It’s adorable.

McCrae shows up and he apologizes to Elissa.

Amanda says she feels no ill will, even against Elissa, and Elissa is passive-aggressive about it. They all seem to agree that they hate each other, but it was just a game.

The most shocking revelation is that Candice and Aaryn are now BFFs in the jury house. Wow, I wonder if that will stick after Candice hears everything Aaryn said on the feeds.

Everyone gives GM credit for getting rid of Amanda as a huge game move, but Amanda argues that she did nothing before that and had the Exterminators to tell her to do it.

Candice is voting personally and will never choose GM.

Dr. Will puts Andy on blast for not making any big moves. Wow, is he trying to turn people against Andy? I don’t like how Dr. Will is obviously trying to influence the jury against Andy.

Luckily McCrae and others defend Andy’s deception and McCrae even tells everyone that his plan was to cut Amanda at the end.

Next up, Dr. Will tries to rationalize Spencer’s awful gameplay, reframing it as keeping blood off his hands. Yeah, that wasn’t intentional, he just sucked.

Dr. Will hilariously tells them all not to let anyone influence their decision. Except him, obviously, since all he seemed to do was argue that GM and Spencer were great and Andy did nothing.

The Final HoH, Part 3

Andy and GM are atop two sides of a giant scale. They must answer questions about statements made by the jurors. After eight questions, whoever has the most points wins.

Candice’s Statement: They’re both right.
Jessie’s Statement: They’re both wrong.
Helen’s Statement: Andy is right.
Aaryn’s Statement: They’re both right.
Amanda’s Statement: Andy is right.
Elissa’s Statement: GM is right.
Judd’s Statement: They’re both wrong.

Heading into the last question, Andy is ahead by one.

McCrae’s Statement: They’re both right.

Andy wins the final HoH!

Hooray for Andy! He just won his fifth competition of the season. That’s amazing, especially since the other two finalists only have two each. As far as I’m concerned, Andy just won the game. Also, kudos to him on winning the last three competitions in a row.

The Final Eviction

Andy says Spencer is his best friend, but he gave GM his word on night 1.

Andy evicts Spencer!

Wow, I did NOT see that coming. That was a horrible move. I hope this doesn’t make the jury vote for GM. This just got a lot closer.

Spencer seems surprisingly OK with it. Moreso than I would’ve been.

Fun Fact: Season 11’s Natalie and season 12’s Lane were the only two HGs to make it to the finale without winning PoV. Now GM joins them. They both finished second.

Also, just like last year, both finalists never had a single eviction vote cast against them.

The Final 2 vs. the Jury

When the jury comes out, neither Aaryn nor Amanda get booed. So this audience is rigged. They all seem kind of shocked when Spencer comes out, though Helen tells us Andy will probably win if he’s in the finale.

This season, the jury will only ask three questions to each finalist.

Question for GM: What’s her biggest game move other than getting Amanda out?

She says “um” a lot and then says it was getting Amanda out. Wow, horrible answer. Amanda tries to push GM about how the question is asking for anything OTHER THAN THAT, but GM has nothing.

Question for Andy: What’s his biggest move other than the Exterminators?

He aligned with McCranda and spilled the beans to them about everyone to get them out.

Question for GM: What was her biggest obstacle?

Nick’s eviction, of course.

Question for Andy: Why should they vote for him after he stabbed everyone in the back?

He claims his threat about being a bitter juror was a lie and that he respects the best game, which he thinks he played.

Question for GM: Why should they vote for her after all her personal attacks?

GM just wants the money so all her dreams can come true. Once again, she doesn’t really answer the question at all.

Question for Andy: Why did he unnecessarily lie to everyone?

He says he was just a coward for lying because he didn’t want to have awkward interactions. But then he turns it around as a great strategic move to keep himself safe.

Spencer’s Question to Andy: Why should he win?

Andy says because he played a great game and because he was loyal to GM, who he promised on the first night. He wanted to do that to prove he was loyal to someone.

OK, Andy has to win now, right? He answered all of their questions by bringing it back to how he played a great game. GM didn’t answer and didn’t even seem to understand any of the questions. I don’t care who likes GM, after that interrogation, this should be a unanimous vote, if only for GM’s non-answer to Amanda’s question.

The Final Speeches

GM compliments how good the jury looks. She says she was just herself the whole time and played loyal. She sort of apologizes then tries to bribe them with nice parting gifts.

Andy says he played with his heart and meant the personal connections he made. But he also played with his mind to keep himself away from being a target. He then argues that he made moves to adjust his gameplay and stayed with the most powerful alliance. He totally owns everything he did.

The Jurors Vote

As each juror casts a vote and gets to say something.

Candice loves and respects who she’s voting for.

Jessie votes for the most consistent game.

Helen calls them both winners, but says she’s voting for the best game she wishes she played.

Aaryn votes for the person who was always there for her.

Amanda votes for the best person and best player.

Elissa votes for a flawless social game and someone who had deals with everyone.

Judd votes for the best Exterminator.

McCrae hopes the winner buys drinks tonight.

Spencer votes for the best player.

Based on what they said, I’d say Andy wins. GM has Aaryn, and maybe Jessie or Judd, but I doubt she has any others.

The First Five Return

It’s time to bring back the first five who were evicted. First up, Julie Chen tells Amanda that America was the MVP who nominated her, which she had finally kind of figured out.

Howard was surprised of the severity of the racism and how the show was perceived. He feels badly for everyone involved in the show, whether they said the things or not, but hopes people can change.

Spencer hopes it didn’t bring bad publicity to the show and asks if he said anything bad. Julie hilariously says she doesn’t have time to get into this.

Jeremy calls Helen out on using the mom card and faking her tears to manipulate people. Helen tries to defend herself by saying some of the tears were real.

Julie does NOT ask Nick how he feels about GM, which is simply bad journalism. Also, she doesn’t tell Aaryn about losing her job.

The Final Vote

Spencer voted for…Andy
McCrae voted for…Andy
Judd voted for…GinaMarie
Elissa voted for…Andy
Amanda voted for…Andy
Aaryn voted for…GinaMarie
Helen voted for…Andy


Hooray! Andy wins, and he becomes the first openly gay winner ever! As soon as they get out of the house, GM runs straight to Nick for a long, long hug. That’s her consolation prize, and for her, it’s probably worth more than half a million dollars.

Jessie and Candice both voted for Andy too, so it was 7-2.

America’s Favorite

The top three were Judd, Elissa and Howard. Wow, for a non-juror to get some love is a big deal.

Elissa wins.

Of course. Damn it, Julie, I was so happy with Andy winning, why did the season have to end on this awful note?

Oh well, the right person won.

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