Who will be this cycle’s fierce poser and who couldn’t strike a solid pose if their (reality TV) life depended on it? Find out with me tonight, as we watch America’s Next Top Model together.

I wonder this every time, but why is the introduction credit to America’s Next Top Model more about Tyra than the girls competing on her show? Tyra gets equal, if not more, screen time in that intro than all the girls combined. Admit it Tyra, you want to be America’s Next Top Model. Did you all see The Soup’s “America’s Next Top Tyra” spoof ? It’s funny, because it’s so true.

Ugh, Sandra walks in the house and is in love with her own photo. Her first comment is “I am so hot.” And of course she thinks because she got the best photo it proves she is the best…is this woman so narcissistic she doesn’t recall that three other girls have also taken the best photo? Sandra has finally gotten on my last nerve.

Tahlia is talking about how much she wants to be here, which isn’t what we’ve seen from the preview clips…that means there is some sort of serious crisis of confidence coming.

The doorbell rings and it’s Toccara Jones. The girls are super excited to see her and Natalie says that Toccara is “an inspiration to all ANTM contestants.”  Which is surprisingly sweet of Natalie. It’s true though, Toccara has been incredibly successful. Two words: Vogue Italia. Enough said.

Toccara came over to host a a sleepover and talk to the girls about personality, which as Toccara notes, she has plenty of. She asks the girls to describe their personalities. Aminat says “I am loud and it’s okay to be loud.” Which, for obvious reasons, Toccara loves. Kortnie says she’s an old male comedian stuck in a curvy female body. Sandra, of course, talks shit about this.

Toccara says the girls need to let loose and speak up and be who they are. Good advice for some of the girls, but I’d rather not hear what Sandra has to say, because we all know it’s going to be all about her.

The next morning Toccara leaves the girls in better spirits and it’s time for Tyra Mail. “If you can’t move to the music that might pose a problem.” Aw, yeah..Benny Ninja! Aminat says when she looks at Benny Ninja, she’s “in awe.” This  makes me love Aminat even more.

Benny has brought her friend to play some music for the girls to be inspired by for their poses.

London and Sandra are portraying heavy metal. London is all rock hands and Sandra is all over the place. Benny says Sandra got lost and tried to take over the shot. Love you Benny!

Allison and Natalie are rock, unfortunately neither of them posed or really danced at all. In fact, both of them had their hair in front of their faces. Rock’n’roll? Maybe. Model? No.

Teyona and Fo are supposed to pose country and they both get too cheesy.

Kortnie and Celia do hip hop and Celia busts out. She is amazing and is the only girl who actually strikes poses. Kortnie is all sorts of fail. Really bad, doesn’t stop and pose. Doesn’t do much of anything actually.

Aminat and Thalia do jazz and Aminat, again, is amazing. Her poses are jazz-sultry, sexy, and smooth. Tahlia, as expected, is not confident enough to strike a solid pose. Though I do give her props for actually trying. Benny calls Tahlia out about her confidence and tells her her lack of confidence is killing her.

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–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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