We’re hoping one catfight won’t lead to another.  Last week, Kenley Collins, one of Project Runway‘s most hated finalists, was put behind bars for throwing a living cat towards her ex-fiancé, Zak Penley.  Now, season 5 winner LeAnne Marshall commented on the issue, answering the question a lot of people ask: was Kenley really so awful, or was it just pure editing?

On an interview with The New York Post, Marshall said: “When she got angry, I knew to keep my distance. Clearly, she needs therapy.”  Despite displays of Collins’ rage on camera and on the set, there were no accounts of her being violent during her stay on Project Runway.  However, recent events suggest that she was truly capable of physically assaulting those around her.

“I feel a little sorry for her that she can’t control her emotions and behavior,” Marshall continued, “but on the other hand, absolutely nothing excuses physical violence and throwing a poor, defenseless kitty at someone who is sleeping.  I feel bad for the cat, the bruised apples and Zak.”

Collins was arrested a few days ago in a Brooklyn home, with the authorities claiming she attacked her sleeping ex-fiancé with a variety of objects.  Other than the feline, she managed to hurl a laptop, several apples and even water.  Reasons for the fight were not released, but Kenley was charged with six crimes, which include 2nd degree assault, 3rd degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree. 

Last Friday, Collins was told to stay away from the apartment, but was eventually permitted to retrieve her belongings.  She was accompanied by a police escort, since her former boyfriend was still in the building.

When asked about what happened, Collins admitted: “Zak blew this out of proportion in the police report.  It was a break-up that went badly.  He got what he wanted.  I broke up with him.  I just thought that we weren’t ready to get married.”

Even after all the drama, there’s one more issue waiting to be tackled – the fate of the feline.  City animal-control officials have announced that they won’t be pursuing cruelty charges, as long as the cat wasn’t injured in the incident.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TMZ, The New York Post
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