Jodi and Christie fell on some hard luck early on in The Amazing Race 14 and never really recovered.  They fought their way through a number of close finishes and were saved by a non-elimination leg, but, ultimately, it was a speed bump that sealed their fate, as they were eliminated from The Amazing Race on Sunday, finishing their leg in India mere minutes behind the penultimate duo of Mark and Michael.  Christie and Jodi, both flight attendants, met years ago and have been best friends ever since.  Christie is recently married, and perhaps the more optimistic member of the team, while Jodi is a recently divorced single mother.  We had the honor of speaking with the two ladies earlier this morning about their time on The Amazing Race and what it’s meant to them.

The Amazing Race 14: Episode 6 “Alright Guys, We’re at War” Recap

Below you will find the full mp3 audio of the interview.

Jodi and Christie had a great time on the race, by all accounts, but they did stress just how rigorous the race is.  You don’t get much sleep, the traveling can be absolutely brutal (on Sunday’s show for instance, the teams flew from Siberia to India, connecting twice along the way, and this immensely long flight was portrayed in about six seconds of television), and the emotional wear and tear catches up with you.  Jodi especially stressed this emotional toll, as she dearly missed her family while away on the race.  In terms of editing, Jodi and Christie wished CBS had shown more of their strategic work from early in the season, especailly one instance of shrewd airline negotiations, which they discuss in the above interview.

The biggest thing the ladies took away from the race (and what I imagine most teams take away) is the sense of perspective you receive after spanning the globe.  The small annoyances in life dwindle away, and you come to realize that the big things are what’s important.  Not only that, but the race helps people become thankful for the lives they get to lead.  As for the future, Jodi and Christie are back at work as flight attendants, and enjoying their lives with their families.

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