After doing reasonably well on the last episode, Gilles Marini of the Sex and the City movie recently told TV Guide that he was surprised that he’s one of the favorites to win Dancing with the Stars.  According to the 33-year-old French actor, he thought he would be somewhere in the bottom mainly because he’s not American.  Soon, however, he said he hoped he can tell his story on the ABC reality show.

“Just because people do not understand why I’m on the show because I’ve never said it yet,” he said.  “It’s pretty much paying respect because the country gave me so much.  If I can put a smile on Americans’ faces, then it’s a little way of paying back.  Down the line, I’ll tell the story why I’m in love with this country and why I wanna be here the rest of my life.”

As for the other contestants, Gilles singled out The Bachelor alum Melissa Rycroft as another front-runner because of her dancing background.

“She’s a dancer.  She’s an amazing person.   Beautiful. My brother said, ‘Help me. I’m dying for this woman.’  He didn’t talk about me!  So if my brother feels this way, I know America feels the same way.”

Marini’s partner is two-time Dancing with the Stars champion Cheryl Burke.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
(Image courtesy of ABC)

Glenn Diaz

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