There might be more Big Brother on the way. It just won’t be where most viewers expect it. While Big Brother 18 is currently airing on CBS, multiple reports are surfacing that CBS is casting for a fall season of Big Brother. Since the fall schedule of CBS is already set, with no obvious openings, that makes it unlikely that Big Brother would be on its usual home. It sounds likely then that Big Brother will be on the CBS paid-for streaming service, CBS All-Access. 

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The rumors surfaced through joint reporting by Reality Blurred and Vulture. Both news outlets have reported that Big Brother is currently undergoing casting for a new season. Since it is very early to be planning things out for the next summer season, it does seem like CBS is planning a fall season of Big Brother. This not the first time this has happened. 

During the Writers’ Strike of 2008, CBS — struggling to have any new content to air — put on a fall season of Big Brother. It was a quickly rushed together season and only existed because CBS had no scripted shows to show. This is not the case now, so that is why Vulture and Reality Blurred are speculating that the fall season of Big Brother will air exclusively on CBS All Access.

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It’s not the worst decision that CBS could make. Subscribers to the Big Brother live feeds already have access to the streaming service. It is reported that Big Brother will be a shorter season of the series, lasting only about 10 weeks. The reports also speculate that the streaming version will begin to air almost immediately after Big Brother 18 ends in late September. If true, this premiere date would be a wise way to hook viewers on for a new season and keep their money for a little bit longer.

The thing that lends credence to this theory is that CBS is putting more investment into CBS All-Access. The service will already be the exclusive home for Bryan Fuller’s new Stark Trek series. If CBS wants even more attention on the streaming service it is not a bad idea to put one of their most popular reality series there for a new season. A series, it must be mentioned, that has a very internet-savvy fanbase.

But what do you think? Is this a horrible or genius idea from CBS? Will you be watching Big Brother if it is on CBS All Access? Do you hope CBS will find a way to air Big Brother on TV as well?

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