Last week, America’s Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff headed to Dallas, Atlanta and back to Chicago in hopes of finding the best talent in America. There they discovered an astounding Frank Sinatra vocal mimic, a sword swallower that made Hasselhoff cringe so hard that he hit his buzzer by mistake, and an adorable little boy who sang “Ben” to an adoring studio audience.

This go around, it’s time to view more auditions and see the performer that commercials have been hailing as mind-blowing all week long.  The ultimate winner will win $1 million and a show on the Vegas strip, and real talented people are giving it their all to earn the prize.  Who will move on to the Vegas callbacks for their shot at the big money?

America’s Got Talent is back once again in Atlanta. 29-year-old health inspector Billy Dodson is up first. His special talent is singing opera in an extremely high voice that doesn’t sound like it should come out of someone his size. Despite singing well, he is buzzed and booed away, with the judges telling him to sing like a man.

Alexandra Pauls is 10-years-old and has a dad with crazy facial hair named Dean. They do a fast paced fight routine with Alex screaming and round housing her dad in the face and doing back flips everywhere. It’s like an ‘80s action movie starring a preteen. Piers doesn’t think her talent would make a good act, but Sharon and Hasselhoff say yes.

19-year-old waitress Sarah Lenore has been singing since she was four-years-old. She plays guitar while singing Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” and is absolutely fantastic. The Atlanta audience cheers and she is on her way to Vegas.

Also on to Vegas is Flambeaux, who lights the stage aflame before breathing and eating and even wearing fire. Joining him on the trip is pole-dancing Nichole and a group of dancers doing an African routine.

SQ Entertainment is a group of like a dozen or more cousins who do a high energy, hip-hop dancing and tumbling routine. The whole family is on to the next round.

The show zigs and zags through time back to New York. The James Gang are a quartet of guys dressed in newsies outfits, and they come out to perform first. They do an entertaining and creative hip-hop routine that’s reminiscent a little of Outkast with the way it combines an old fashioned style of song and dance with a modern sensibility. They are on their way to Vegas.

11-year-old Victoria Jacoby tells us that she was adopted from China, and her very proud mother tells us that her talent absolutely astounds the rest of her family. Her talent is contortion and the audience and judges are impressed by her amazing flexibility. She even drinks from a glass held by her feet while bending over backward. The judges deem her fantastic and send her on to Vegas.

Delivery driver Matt Bonowitz and his wife Elaine claim to be the number one polka dancers in the world. They call their act Polka Today and proceed to do a poor routine that gets them three buzzes from the judges within seconds. After the judges ridicule them, Polka Today are sent on their way.

Other bad acts include a nerdy looking older gentleman who sings and bounces around, a ventriloquist who doesn’t close his mouth, a bad opera singer dressed like Velma Kelly from Chicago, and a girl who jumps on glass while rapping. One woman sings “Dancing in the Street” even after being completely buzzed off, until Hasselhoff goes on stage and dances her off.

Kyle Rifkin is a 36-year-old R&B singer from Harlem who says that music saved his life. He helped his poor family by singing on the streets and in competitions to earn enough money for food. He sings “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by the Temptations and is so good that he gets the audience on its feet clapping along. He and his proud mother break down into tears upon hearing the audience’s cheers and the judges’ praise. He is on his way to Las Vegas.

In the coming weeks of America’s Got Talent: more heartwarming tales of the talented rising to the top and more hilariously bad auditions.

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