Big Brother 10, now less than two weeks away, has become a little bit clearer.  In an interview with, executive producer Allison Grodner spilled the beans on some key pieces of information regarding the upcoming season.  We don’t have any pictures or names for the house guests, but it should be any day now (maybe even later today, we shall see).  For some reason, there’s a good vibe about Big Brother 10.  It feels like a great season is in the offing.  Grodner and her fellow producers surely learned some lessons from last season (i.e. dumb people do not make for good TV), and the casting should greatly benefit.  In her interview, Grodner discusses the make-up of the cast, how many house guests there’ll be, and what kind of twists we should be in store for.

Here are the key points from the interview:

There will be thirteen house guests.

They will all be complete and total strangers, without exception.

Harkening back to season 1, the cast will be extremely diverse, all different ages, from different places and walks of life.  Parents, students, blue-collar, white-collar, all very specific personalities.  The Big Brother obsession with youth has apparently taken a season off.

There will be live audiences once again for the live evictions, but it will be different from how they did it in season one.

There will still be twists, and the game will begin before the players enter the Big Brother house. 

Clearly, for Big Brother purists, this is great news.  I’ve never understood the fascination with bringing in house guests with previous relationships.  For instance, as much as I enjoyed the entertainment value of the Donatos, it was very unfair to have a father/daughter alliance in a house full of strangers.  The house guests should be strangers.  Big Brother 10 will be better off for it. 

What do you think about Grodner’s comments?  Do you like the sound of these changes?  Let us know in the comments below.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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