America’s Next Top Model fans are all too familiar with snapshots of creator and host Tyra Bank’s childhood, when she would relate stories of how tall, thin, and awkward she was.  In the same vein, Top Model contestants usually have similar stories to tell, about how they were bullied in school for their looks.

In an interview, Tyra Banks says that indeed her height and weight may have appeared abnormal growing up, and that she got bullied a lot because of this.

“I used to be the freak at school. I was 5ft 9in and really skinny. I used to get picked on a lot. But now I can get my own back.”

Moreover, Banks, who recently won a Daytime Emmy for informative talk show for The Tyra Banks Show, says she distinctly remembers a certain someone who was particularly hard on her. Apparently, Banks was able to get her long-overdue revenge with Epps after she has become, well, Tyra Banks, a supermodel.

“There was this boy I really fancied called Antonio Epps who was so cruel.  He used to say, ‘I do not want that tall, skinny, braces mouth, big forehead girl anywhere near me.’  I just broke down.”

“But then when I just started being recognized as an up-and-coming supermodel.  I was out dancing and there was a big burly bouncer on the door – it was him.

“I went up to him and said, ‘Antonio? It’s me, Tyra, from school!’ He was like, ‘No way!’ So that was nice. I got a little revenge there!”

CW is set to unveil the 11th season of America’s Next Top Model. We previously reported that it can very well be one of the last seasons to feature Tyra as host, as a result of the rift between her and Jay Manuel.

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