Now that the dust has settled, B-boys Super Cr3w joins the ranks of Jabbawockeez as winners of America’s Best Dance Crew.  Beating out aggressive-pop and Houston-based SoReal Cru, the Las Vegas-based group got the majority of the reported 39 million votes that proved America’s Best Dance Crew can compete with the barrage of dance shows that seem to bombard TV sets today.  They get $100,000 and, of course, the title and bragging rights of being America’s Best Dance Crew.  The win also earned for Super Cr3w a spot on the accompanying tour that will take off September 18 in Miami.

“Our initial reaction was utter and total excitement,” Mike of Super Cr3w told HipHopDX.  “Almost like tears of joys.  Words can’t even explain what if felt like because we’ve been working so hard and we felt like we just deserved it.”

Super Cr3w, however didn’t always feel this way, unlike perhaps to their final two competitor SoReal Cru who never faced elimination until the finale.

“There was a couple of times that we really doubted that we were gonna move on, like when we were against Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul in the bottom two,” said Ben of Super Cr3w.  “It was really up in the air and we didn’t go to that bottom two expecting to come out winning.  We’re just grateful that we actually made it through and here we are now.”

Unknown to many, Super Cr3w is actually made up of people from three different crews who met at B-Boy summit in California and decided to form a super group.  As such, the group thinks shows like America’s Best Dance Crew is doing good in terms of the future of break-dancing.

“I think that now it’s gonna be taken a bit more seriously…instead of being pushed to the background it’ll be propelled to the forefront,” Mike said.  “I feel like (winning) was a major stepping stone for b-boys and even just dancers in general, all over the world.  We’re not just the backgrounds anymore, we’re in the front. We have a name and we have an identity and we’re respected for our craft.  Which is the way it should be.”

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Hiphop DX
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Glenn Diaz

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