It’d be difficult, really, to script the last few weeks of Big Brother any better. It’s been exciting almost every episode, the drama has been intense, the competitions have all mattered a great deal, and the people I’ve been rooting for keep coming out on top.  Keesha, Memphis, Dan and Renny probably couldn’t have planned it out any better, it all culminating in the one-two eviction punch last Thursday of Ollie and Michelle, the alliance’s two most formidable opponents.  And then, when it all looks like smooth sailing, Jerry wins the Head of Household.  The odds on that happening were somewhere around 200 to 1.  But, Jerry made this week fun in the only way it could be – with uncertainty looming.  We now know what has gone down in the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  Turn around if such things do not interest you. 


Memphis won the Power of Veto.  Ridiculously good timing by Memphis here.  If he hadn’t won the Power of Veto, he was probably going to be a replacement nominee for someone else.

Memphis used the Power of Veto to take Dan off the block.  Jerry had to nominate Renny in Dan’s place. 

This probably means that Renny is going home.  Neither Memphis or Dan would betray Keesha, and Renny can’t be expecting them to.  I think that both Dan and Memphis should want to bring Keesha to the final two – both would win in a final vote against Keesha, one would presume. 

Regardless, how big time was this Power of Veto for Dan?  Memphis just straight up saved his ass.  However, I can’t imagine next week will be a barrel of fun, considering that Jerry will be a sitting duck. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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