Let it be said: Oscar and I differ on our feelings for the oldest Big Brother player this season.  My love for Jerry ended as quickly as it started this season.  He’s been ranting and raving, screaming and judging, so much that it appears he’s permanently lost his voice.  When he won HOH on Sunday night, I was pretty surprised that he was able to prevail over the alliance of 4 but it was no surprise at all when Dan and Keesha went up on the block.  It’s looking pretty bad for The Renegades, Dan and Memphis, but I have faith in my boys.  Tonight’s POV competition is probably the most important of the season and it will definitely be interesting to see who ends up controlling the game.  I’ll be here all hour, covering the show live and updating throughout so read on, keep refreshing, and let us know your thoughts, too!

Can I just say that I still can’t believe that Memphis promised Jerry final two?  Well, he has final two deals with everyone except Renny.  How can that not come back to bite him?

Check out the paranoia running rampant in the house.  Nobody feels safe, especially Renny and Keesha.

Okay, that was amazing.  While trying to look at some skywriting, Jerry fell into the pool.  So funny! 

Can someone explain to me where Memphis found Davy Crockett’s hat? 

Let it be known: my favorite thing this season has been Dan torturing Renny.  They are, by far, the funniest people!

For the POV, everyone is placed in separate rooms and called to the backyard one at a time.  Pictures of two houseguests have been morphed into the face of a baby and the POV players have to guess who it is.  It’s tough to say who will win but I can guarantee that it won’t be Renny: could she move ANY slower?  These babies are ugly!!

Winner: Memphis.  GO RENEGADES!!!!

Keesha isn’t surprised that Memphis wants to pull Dan off of the block but, of course, that would be Jerry’s worst nightmare.

Yup, Memphis is using the Power of Veto and saving Dan.  Of course, Jerry has no choice but to put up Renny.  It seems like Renny is a goner but considering that Keesha is a stronger player, The Renegades would be smarter to get rid of her and then pick off Renny and Jerry without too much trouble.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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