Two short days ago, I was hanging out on the stage of America’s Best Dance Crew, gazing up at the five remaining banners and previewing Supreme Soul’s routine for tonight’s performance. It was quite a thrill and I can’t wait to see what the other crews have in store for tonight’s “Bring the Beat” challenge with the crews taking on different sports events with props.

Mario Lopez is in the house and wearing quite a tight t-shirt. I’m also proud to announce that fanny packs are finally back for my favorite crew, who are thankfully safe.  Could those ’80s-loving fools actually be America’s Best Dance Crew?


Fanny Pak
Using lacrosse sticks and countless other pieces of gym equipment, this is incredibly fun and silly, with a story about unruly kids who rebel against the gym teacher and eventually throw him in the locker. Brilliantly, the locker is adorned with pin-ups of *NSYNC JC Chasez and Saved by the Bell Mario Lopez. GENIUS!!! Both the judge and host seem rather amused by it. The judges are a bit critical of the overuse on props, but that’s what made me love it.

SoReal Cru
This crew is joining the marching band, but they’re not allowed to use the instruments by playing them, but instead they must use trombones as percussion tools. They bring it hard, but honestly, I’m just not feeling this crew. Lil’ Mama agrees about the hardness, which means I’m slowly learning about dance through this show.

Boogie Bots
The D.C. crew will play the benchwarmers, with water bottles, chairs and headbands. I’m impressed that they can make a 20-second opening all on chairs interesting. There’s also a cool volleyball spike and a Flashdance ending with a water cooler of confetti being dumped on one guy sitting in a chair. JC is a bit of a hater, but Shane Sparks defends them.


Aw, hells no. For a second straight week, two of the best crews are in the bottom. It says a lot about the huge talent this season that this can happen, and will probably continue to happen.

Super Cr3w
They’re dressed like Olympians and they get to play basketball. I hope they can “Get’cha Head in the Game.” They start with one guy standing on the rim and he jumps off onto the stage. The whole routine is filled with similar aerial stunts plus a hilarious moment when they put the basketball in their backsides and bounce the badonkadonks up and down.

Supreme Soul
How does the hockey routine from Supreme Soul holds up from seeing it in person to the screen? The answer is pretty well, with cute moments involving one player being sent to the penalty box and a huge brawl. Unfortunately, they’re up against Shane’s absolute favorite crew ever, so they don’t have a chance.

Shane, indeed, claims he could go on “for days and days and days” about all the amazing things Super Cr3w did. Lil’ Mama spends her time yelling at America because this should be the finale. Heck, she even calls out Boogie Bots as a crew that doesn’t excite her. How great is it that the judges on America’s Best Dance Crew play favorites?  The whole judges’ critique goes like this: ‘Supreme Soul, you guys are great, and we’re very sorry you’re going to go home because Super Cr3w was going to beat you in the finale anyway.’

After some pointless deliberation, Supreme Soul is sent home, which is sad because as annoying and cocky as they started, they’ve proven themselves week after week.  Also, I feel bad because maybe having the Television Critics Association watch their rehearsal was a jinx.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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