After the live casting special nearly two weeks ago, America’s Best Dance Crew is finally ready to begin! The top 10 crews are set, the judges are excited and the host is People magazine’s hottest bachelor alive. Mario Lopez brings out the crews, and the winner is Super Cr3w, with a huge karate chop from one member that knocks the others down.

Mario says the top five vote getters from the casting special are definitely safe while the bottom five are in danger. Tonight’s performance is Crew’s Choice, meaning they get to pick their own songs and moves.

The Top Five:

SoReal Cru is the first group to perform to Omarion’s “Entourage.” It’s very fluid with some nice movement interspersed with a cool butterfly spin. Shane Sparks predicts a top two finish for them while Lil’ Mama compares them to Kaba Modern, in a good way.

The overly confident Supreme Soul, whose members always wear stupid letterman jackets, view America’s Best Dance Crew as a sports competition. This is why I’ll be against them all season, because this show is supposed to be about the pure joy of dance. They dance to Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.” Shane Sparks isn’t happy with how messy they are because so much is going on. JC Chasez agrees, saying they didn’t properly use the huge stage.

The seven-man boy band Xtreme Dance Force goes for a day at the spa. They decide to dance to Lil’ Mama’s “Shawty Get Loose.” They come at it hard and I love these rich white kids for bringing it just as hard as anyone. Shane thinks it’s whack because the choreography is too simple for him and JC thinks they were too stiff.

A.S.I.I.D. is all about the awesome, hearing impaired Joey. They flip the script on traditional conventions with Nicole Scherzinger’s “Whatever You Like” by having an entire routine where the three women dominate the men. Shane, Mario and JC all enjoyed a bit where the women treated the men of A.S.I.I.D. like dogs, perhaps telling us a bit more than we’d like to know about what they like in the bedroom.

The final crew in the top five is the Boogie Bots dancing to “More Bounce to the Ounce” by Zapp and Roger. They bring the robotic moves we love and end it with some extremely fast-paced footwork. The judges like it but feel there’s a lot of potential.

The Next Three:

The ultimate B-boys (and the crew Shane Sparks said he’s most excited about in our interview with him) are up next, and Super Cr3w is dancing to “Get Up Offa That Thing” by James Brown. They do their thing in a style I can only call Funky Ninja. Yeah, it’s that awesome. Shane Sparks said Super Cr3w just “sh*t on everybody.”

Phresh Select is all about using dance to solve all of Philadelphia’s problems. They’re representing their city with “Motown Philly” from Boyz II Men. Just like during the casting special, it’s OK, but I am not wowed by this crew. Shane points out some impressive hat tricks.

The final safe crew is Sass x7, the Rutgers dance squad that doesn’t really deserve to be there, but they are the only all-female crew, so dudes who vote with their libidos must have kept them from the bottom two. They perform to “Damage” by Danity Kane. The dancing isn’t great and the cheer moves are obnoxious. Sass x7 wiggled what God gave them, which is probably the smartest things they could do. The judges clearly don’t like the fact that they’re a dance team, not a real tough crew, and the only reason they’re here is because Shhh! was worse.

The Bottom Two:

Let’s go to the mall with Fanny Pak! They’re so much fun and going with “Speakerphone” by Kylie Minogue. They use a huge boom box and end the routine by taking out their sunglasses from their fanny packs.

Distorted X, also in the bottom, is performing to “Oops Oh My” by Tweet. The five women are dressed like pink Catholic school girls and using every last bit of sex appeal they have, but their routine seems kind of short without anything impressive.

The judges then debate and deliberate over who to send home. Shane Sparks brings out the slo-mo cam to take another look at the ladies of Distorted X shaking their booties. JC Chasez rambles on for about 10 minutes about nothing in particular.

Finally, the judges decide the first crew eliminated on the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew is…Distorted X. Whew, Fanny Pak is safe, and I encourage everyone to g to and vote for them to keep their totally rad ’80s flair in this competition.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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