Harry Connick, Jr. stopped by to guest mentor the remaining four finalists, and he even sat in Keith Urban’s chair and argued with Randy Jackson. (Please tell me Idol is considering him as a judge for season 13 — he actually knows what he’s talking about.) Unfortunately, most of the performances last night were just so-so. There were some stand-outs, though. Did Candice do enough to stay out of the Bottom 2? Did being in the pimp spot help Kree even though she ended the show on a low note? And is it inevitable that Amber Holcomb is going home? Let’s run through all this as I make my latest American Idol predictions.

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Angie Miller: In recent weeks, just as Kree has been slipping from her front-runner status, Angie has been rising in the ranks. But she didn’t keep that upward trajectory going last night, instead delivering two average performances. She had some nice moments at the end of “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Overall, though, she didn’t do anything to garner new votes. And performing in the first spot of the night only adds to that. There’s a chance she’ll be in the Bottom 2, but her recent rise in the ranks will be enough to save her from elimination.

Amber Holcomb: Amber should be thankful last week was a non-elimination. It bought her an additional week, though it only delays the inevitable. Once Janelle left, it was a given that Amber would be next. And I don’t see that changing tonight. Her rendition of “My Funny Valentine” was pretty good, but was it too little, too late at this point? Her crying afterwards might get her some sympathy votes. Hey, she needs all the help she can get, right? Viewers so far haven’t really connected with her, but maybe the crying will change that.

Candice Glover: The judges’ off comments last week backfired on them. Kree’s fans came out in full force to save her, which resulted in Candice landing in the Bottom 2 instead. Candice was the only singer last night who delivered two stellar performances. While there’s always the possibility she’ll be in danger again, she doesn’t deserve it.

Kree Harrison: As I just mentioned, what the judges tried to do last week backfired and Kree ended up in the Top 2. Despite ending the night on a dud performance, she got the pimp spot, which should count for something, right? So far this season, the contestant who has performed last has never been in the Bottom 2 or 3. Kree did a fantastic rendition of Carrie Underwood‘s “See You Again” earlier in the night, but did “Stormy Weather” do enough damage to continue her fall from front-runner status?

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Bottom 2 Predictions: Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb

Elimination Prediction: Amber Holcomb

We’ve seen some pretty strange results in the past during Top 4 week (Tamyra Gray, La Toya London and Chris Daughtry are the first that come to mind) — could the same happen tonight? I’ve said before that there has been nothing shocking about any of the eliminations this season, so why start now? But you never know. However, if the results play out the way they should, Amber is leaving tonight.

What are you predictions for tonight’s results? Has Amber’s time come to an end? And who will join her in the Bottom 2?

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