Last night was a big night for Dancing with the Stars — not big in the sense that there were any game-changers to speak of, but big in the sense that they jammed a lot into it. Latin night was compounded by an extra music performance, a  rule book immunity ruling and three lighting dance offs, leaving Andy Dick more in the hole than he’s ever been before. The actor and comedian has had a solid and surprisingly moving run, but this is almost certainly his last night on the show. Our live blog starts now:

We’re still in Latin mode for the opening routine, as the house band plays Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line” for a Witney feature. We have our standard recap montage, excising the twenty minutes of DWTS rule minutia.

We then have a number from contemporary crooner Michael Buble, performing the Sinatra album title track “Come Dance with Me.” Last week’s collaboration between and that video of Justin Bieber has never looked less like actual music.

Aly and Mark are called back for the encore, Mark’s failing back be damned. Their salsa routine really was a highlight last night — certainly more so than their execution-style dance off against Andy. From there, we have our first wave of results:


Zendaya and Val

In Jeopardy:

Jacoby and Karina

That is certainly a surprise — I thought Jacoby had a three person buffer of Andy, Sean and Ingo. I seems the DWTS voters are in a feisty mood this week.


Aly and Mark

In Jeopardy:

Ingo and Kym

We then have a showcase for a drill team called Sophisticated Sisters in Camden, New Jersey. The city struggles with a devastatingly high murder rate, and the group provides a safe and fulfilling space for youth in the community. We have some members performing live on the show, and DWTS sponsors a renovation of the water tower where the group practices.

Keeping the feel train rolling, there is then a showcase of dance instructor Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a Bostonian who lost her leg in the recent marathon bombing. The show has reached out to her for a performance on air, which she’ll work up to in the coming months.

Our Stars of Dance performance tonight is set to a dubstep violin number; see what YouTube hath wrought. The troop follows it up with an extremely strange number that was inspired by an accidental bulk order of blonde afro wigs and leather shorts.


Sean and Peta

In Jeopardy:

Andy and Sharna

And there it is. Time for our final results:


Jacoby and Karina

That leaves Ingo and Andy in the bottom two.

Andy Dick is eliminated.

Everyone saw that coming, including Andy. He didn’t get the trophy, but he leaves with thousands more fans and supporters than he entered with, including me.

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Ted Kindig

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