UPDATED: All of the Top 24 performers have been revealed.

Remember when we all had to wait for a few weeks until we found out who made it to the American Idol semifinals? And then the concept of spoilers were introduced…

Yes, here we are again — American Idol spoilers time! The show has selected its top 12 ladies and top 12 gents over the weekend, and the folks over at The Idol Pad have season 11’s Top 24.

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On the list are some familiar names, or at least those who we have seen in the first three audition episodes. (And some of them are our picks!) So, the list so far:

Top 12 Females

Baylie Brown (last seen during the Hollywood round in season 6; she was also a backup singer for The Singing Bee)

Brielle Von Hugel (last seen during the Hollywood round last year)

Chelsea Sorrell (last seen during the Las Vegas round last year)

Elise Testone (girl with the rasp, and the little screen time, from the Savannah auditions)

Erika Van Pelt (the wedding singer from the Pittsburgh auditions)

Haley Johnsen

Hallie Day (the former girl-grouper from the Pittsburgh auditions)

Hollie Cavanaugh (she missed the Top 24 last year)

Jen Hirsh (last seen during the Hollywood round in season 9)

Jessica Sanchez

Shannon Magrane (the girl Steven Tyler called hot in front of her dad during the Savannah auditions)

Skylar Laine (the deer-hunter from the Galveston auditions)

Top 12 Males

Aaron Marcellus Sanders (briefly seen in the Pittsburgh auditions)

Adam Brock

Creighton Fraker (the “Jamiroquai/Justin Timberlake mash-up” from the Pittsburgh auditions)

Heejun Han (the awkward-but-awesome Korean from the Pittsburgh auditions)

DeAndre Brackensick (last appeared on Idol season 10)

Eben Franckewitz (the 15-year-old Bieber look-a-like from the Pittsburgh auditions)

Joshua Ledet

Phillip Phillips (“Casey Abrams with a lightning rod” from the Savannah auditions)

Reed Grimm (the dude who sang the Family Matters theme from the Pittsburgh auditions)

Clayton Farhat Colton Dixon (The Idol Pad corrected their previous spoiler, calling the earlier report “simply a matter of miscommunication”)
Jeremy Rosado

Chase Likens (country singer briefly seen in the Pittsburgh auditions)

Obviously Pittsburgh really is the city of champions, as at least seven of the contestants in the Top 24 auditioned there. It makes us feel bad for the planker’s sister and Travis Orlando, the only Hollywood-bound singers featured in the Pittsburgh audition episode who DIDN’T make the Top 24.

Happy with the Top 24? Did your (early) favorite make it? Or are you, like me, more curious to see some of these names in later audition episodes? (If there are some left, after all — looks like we’ve already seen most of these names in the first two episodes alone!)

American Idol returns this Wednesday from 8pm on FOX.

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