What? Could some of the drama on the Real Housewives be less than real?

In an unexpected turn during last night’s first part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, the ladies of the cast ganged up on Lisa Vanderpump, seemingly trying to dethrone the Queen Bee of the Hills. And FOH (friend of the housewives) Brandi Glanville, never shy to¬† speak her mind, says that the ‘wives met before the reunion to devise a strategy to make Lisa look bad.

Brandi told LynnNChicago.com that Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong were among the women included in the strategizing against Lisa and asked Brandi to be a part of it. During the first part of the reunion taping, Glanville waited backstage without being able to see or hear what was going on, but already knowing the devious divas’ plan.

“It was like Survivor,” she said. “They meet up to go after one or the other, and so you’ll hear me say, ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t make the meeting.” They planned it all before hand. They all decided to have a go at Lisa and it’s all silly, petty stuff.”

She also said that Lisa spent a lot of time crying backstage. That made Brandi angry enough to come out right away with a “chip on her shoulder.”

“Adrienne was upset over Lisa dubbing her shoes ‘The Maloof Hoof’ for example,” Brandi said. “Really? That’s all they’ve got?”

Despite the other ladies’ attempts to harass Lisa (possibly to draw attention away from Taylor and her mess of a life?) Brandi says that Bravo had absolutely nothing to do with their antics.

“No, (Bravo did not encourage them),” Glanville said. “No one at Bravo ever told me what to say. There was plenty of drama. There was no need for Bravo to create any.”

Of course, Brandi was also willing to spill the beans about her own personal drama with some of the other housewives, especially Kyle, whom Brandi said tried to convince everyone that the Game Night fiasco was solely her sister Kim’s fault. Easy enough, considering that Kim Richards was not at the reunion to defend herself.

“The reunion opened some old wounds. We were OK, and then we had to rehash the past arguments. It brings it all out again,” Glanville said. “Kyle and I had some tough arguments but when it comes to my parenting skills. And my kids, you just don’t want to go there.”

As for whether or not she will be back next year, Brandi is still unsure, but would like to return as a full-time housewife. We’re just excited for her to return for the next part of the reunion, where she is going to call out Kim and Kyle for being bullies and Taylor for writing a memoir. And we thought part one was good!

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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Gina Pusateri

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