After a strange, dark season, it’s time for a strange and even darker reunion. Normally, this is when the women just get together to yell at one another. But this time, someone is in rehab and someone else killed himself, so … Ha ha Adrienne put soap on the chicken! Some more observations on Part 1:

  •  I guess we can’t get right into the suicide/abuse stuff, so that’s why we’re starting out with Camille and Brandi dancing and Kevin Li?

  •  Are we really going to make a thing out of this Vegas Party feud? And Adrienne is offended by “Maloof Hoof”? So stupid. Adrienne is a business woman through and through, and only gets upset about things that will hurt her bottom line.

  •  Oh, and now Kyle is mad because she’s embarrassed that someone points out that she always does the splits at parties? STFU.

  •  All the women ganged up on Lisa; the hive is rebelling against its queen!

  •  Camille still hasn’t sold several of her seven extra homes. The consensus is still that no one spends $25,000 on sunglasses.

  •  And now: the suicide talk, tainted by Taylor promoting her tell-all memoir. She is sad, but also eager to shed light on the late Mr. Armstrong’s narcissism. And Taylor, however pumped full of chemicals and willing to be a spokesperson for this or that, is still kind of an idiot.

  •  Look at Adrienne’s ridiculous, gaudy, one-sleeved cocktail caftan.

  • Kudos to Camille for not backing down, even now that Taylor has a lot of cards to play.

  •  Now that Russell is gone, some of his more horrific text messages are coming to light on television. Jesus.”It’s all out anyway,” Taylor, the memoir profiteer smiled.

  •  Oh of course, as “a little break,” now the Bernie thing is an issue.

  •  Everyone’s earrings are so big!

  •  Has Lisa sold a story to Radar Online? Why does Adrienne care? Do you think “certain friends” of Lisa who said she sold stories to Radar Online are Kyle?

  •  Brandi! We love you. Please stay. I’m totally on Team Lisa’s Couch (the one with Brandi, Camille, and Lisa on it). 

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Carla Patton

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