Big Brother 11 has only had one episode in which the houseguests moved in and competed in their first Head of Household challenge.  But fans following the 24/7 live feeds online know that the game is on, with first HoH Jessie picking his two nominees, and now the Power of Veto competition and ceremony are over..

Continue reading to find out what’s going on before you see it on TV.

WARNING: Big Brother 11 spoilers ahead!!!

We already reported that Chima and Lydia were Jessie’s first nominees, and the PoV rules are the same: each of the nominees and HoH pick another houseguest to join them in the PoV competition.

Nerd Chima chose Jock Natalie, proving that feisty girls stick together.  Jock Jessie chose Jock Russell, because big muscle heads stick together.  And Lydia got Jeff.  In other words, the entire Athlete clique got to compete.

The feeds went dark during the competition, but when it was done, it was figured out that Russell won the PoV, keeping the power in the hands of the big dumb jocks.

In the ceremony, it looks as though the good old backdoor is wide open, because Russell used the PoV to save Lydia, and Braden went up in her place.  So the final nominees are Chima and Braden, and one of them will go home on Thursday.

And just to toot my own horn, a week ago I wrote my pre-season predictions and called that Braden would be the first person evicted because, like Brian last season, he’d try to do things too fast too soon.  Looks like I could be batting a thousand.

See all the action yourself when Jessie moves in and picks his nominees Sunday at 8pm on CBS, and then see the PoV competition and ceremony play out on Tuesday at 9pm.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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