It’s time for someone to go home on American Idol season 13. For real, this time. Last week the Save was used on Sam Woolf, so there are no second chances. Whoever got the lowest votes for ’80s week will be eliminated.

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Jeff Dodge and I agree that Malaya Watson is probably going to go home, but the Bottom 3 could be a bit surprising. Caleb Johnson is the only one who is definitely safe, but everyone else could be in danger. Sam may have been saved and delivered a strong performance, but he’s been in the Bottom 3 three times already. C.J. Harris has been in the Bottom 3 twice, as has Malaya. Dexter Roberts was good, but kind of forgettable. And recent favorites like Jessica Meuse, Alex Preston and Jena Irene all got some rather negative criticism this week from the judges.

Will we have a post-Save surprise, like when Colton Dixon was eliminated in season 11?

THIS…is American Idol!

Harry Connick, Jr. is in a nice suit and Jennifer Lopez is in a tasteful white dress. They look like a bride and groom at their rehearsal dinner, with Keith Urban as the bad boy Best Man. Ryan Seacrest, all in black, is going to preside over the ceremony.

Dinner for 8: After the show the contestants spend a lot of time making fun of how hyper Harry was. Sam looked up Ricky Nelson and Malaya thinks they look alike, both “odd and confused.” Oh snap! Alex and Caleb finish dinner by jumping into the pool, fully clothed. Sometimes I’d much rather watch a reality show about their lives than actually watching them perform.


The Bottom 3 is gone and now we’re only looking for the Bottom 2. I’m assuming/hoping it’s because Sam was in sixth place and they don’t want to have him in the bottom again to make it look like the Save actually mattered.

Caleb Johnson is…SAFE!
Jessica Meuse is…SAFE!
Dexter Roberts is…SAFE!
C.J. Harris is…IN THE BOTTOM 2!

That’s not surprising at all. In fact, it seems almost inevitable now that Malaya will join him in the Bottom 2, so this could be the least shocking results show ever.


Alex Preston is…SAFE!
Jena Irene is…SAFE!
Sam Woolf is…SAFE!
Malaya Watson is…IN THE BOTTOM 2!

Duh. We all saw this coming. I predicted Malaya, but I’d actually prefer C.J. to go home. More importantly, it’s amazing how little filler there seems to be tonight. No guest performance, no real nonsense other than a crappy Ford commercial, just straight results. The half-hour results show is the best thing American Idol has done in years.


Malaya Watson IS ELIMINATED!

Yeah, any American Idol fan could’ve predicted this during her performance last night. It was just so obvious. The results show ends with Malaya and her Cosby sweater singing “I Am Changing.”

Now we have a Top 7 that includes three Alabamans (Jessica, C.J. and Dexter) and three people who’ve never been in the bottom (Caleb, Alex and Jessica). It also means five of the first six singers eliminated have been women, leaving just two to face off against five guys. It’s not as uncommon as you might think, happening in season 4 plus seasons 8 through 10. Luckily for the remaining ladies, they have a good chance of sticking around for a while against Sam, C.J. and Dexter.

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