So we’re one Tribal Council into the merge, and already there’s been two idols played and a blindside, not to mention a new hidden idol with “different powers.” Let’s see if Chaos Kass has dug herself into a hole too deep to get out of in this week’s Survivor. 

Tribal Fallout

Going back to camp after Tribal Council, Kass expects the former five members of her alliance to be mad. But she’s not too worried because she has five new friends. She thinks she’s pulled off the Survivor hat trick sending home the person she wanted to get rid of and flushing out two idols. She still considers herself a “free agent” though.

Spencer makes some unnecessary comments about how she’s playing with “her estrogen” not with “her brain.” Sour grapes much, Spencer? He says she’s played the game like an idiot since day one, and this was the worse possible move she could make.

The next day, Kass and Morgan get into a scuffle over Morgan’s lack of work ethic. Morgan says she isn’t being mean to Kass, she’s just ignoring her. She thinks that Kass doesn’t like her because she’s younger and prettier than her. Newsflash Morgan: you’ll probably get old one day too.

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Reward Challenge

For the reward challenge, the survivors are split into two teams. They have to go through an obstacle course in the water to retrieve a chest. Then they have to climb a wall and haul the chest up after them. Two members then have to solve a tower puzzle at the top of the wall. The winning team gets an Outback Steakhouse feast.

The orange team is Spencer, Morgan, Jeremiah, Jefra and L.J and the purple team is Tony, Trish, Kass, Tasha and Woo.

Woo slows his team down by biffing it on the balance beam in the first part of the challenge. But he makes up a lot of lost time being a monster on the climbing wall. After the first two legs of the challenge, the teams are pretty even. L.J. and Spencer (especially L.J., surprisingly enough) completely owned Woo and Kass at the puzzle. So the orange team is going to the Outback.

Back at camp, Kass asks the others who they think should go next. To her surprise, they defer to her, and she says that she thinks that Spencer is the biggest threat. Tony isn’t sure if he can trust her 100 percent though because he finds her hard to read.

At the reward, Spencer eats all his food up without even wiping his hands like a hog. When he’s done eating, he unfolds his napkin to find a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

When they get back to camp, it’s a downpour, but Spencer manages to sneak out anyway. Woo notices his absence, and because he’s a fan of the show, he immediately suspects where Spencer is, so he goes into what he calls “ninja stealth mode” following Spencer. He creeps in the bushes until he sees Spencer take his pants off. Woo approaches Spencer, and goes to throw his pants back to him, and the idol clue slips out. So he grabs the clue and books it back to camp. He’s moving Sonic the Hedgehog speed back to tell the other people in his alliance about the clue.

It becomes a “mad treasure hunt,” according to Tony, to find the idol. Literally everyone is out there looking, even Morgan, who rarely leaves her favorite sleeping spot in the shelter. Spencer has his hands digging in roots near the water when he finds the idol. But Kass is watching him like a hawk, so he just keeps talking to her and pretending to look until she looks away. Then he snatches it and puts it in his pants. She has no idea that he has it. After all that, it seems fair that Spencer is the one who found it. You have to appreciate Woo’s hustle though. 

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Immunity Challenge

It’s another fairly simple immunity challenge this week. Everyone hast to balance on a platform with a wood block wedged between the top of their head and the top of the frame. The last person to drop their block wins immunity.

After an hour it’s just L.J., Spencer and Tasha remaining. Jeff says he’s genuinely impressed by their determination. L.J. loses balance and drops. After another half hour, Spencer seems to be losing his balance, but Tasha’s block falls first. Spencer wins individual immunity with an immunity idol in his pocket.

Loser Camp

The majority alliance wonders if the minority alliance has an idol. Kass is convinced that they don’t, but Tony wants to play it safe and vote for Morgan instead of Tasha because if they do, no one will play an idol to save Morgan. Tony also thinks that she’s a slug who doesn’t deserve to be there.

On the minority alliance, Morgan wants to vote for Kass, but Spencer tells them they can’t do that because she’s the only chance they have at flipping a vote. Spencer swallows his pride, and tries to talk Kass into voting with them, after just screwing them over on the previous vote. He proposes they get rid of Tony because he’s a bigger threat, which is a convincing and reasonable argument, something that Kass always appreciates. She doesn’t know which way she’ll go at this point, but she does love a blindside. Let’s see if Chaos Kass makes another appearance tonight.

Tribal Council

Kass cops right away to being the wind that blew through the tribe during the last vote, but she didn’t mean anything personally. She says if she were sitting at a table in Las Vegas with a friend, she wouldn’t mind beating him.

Tony and Jefra say their alliance is tight, “like links in a chain,” but Jeff points out how unpredictable Kass has been throughout the whole game. He even says that she could be plotting against them all right now. Tony agrees that Kass isn’t 100 percent trustworthy, but they didn’t have much of a choice after last week when she voted with them.

Morgan points out that she’s not a physical threat and that no one likes her, so that’s a reason they should keep her around until the end. Trish says that’s accurate, and she also doesn’t do anything around camp. Morgan says she’s used to things coming easy to her because of her good looks, and that if anyone could choose to be born ugly or be born cute, they’d choose to be born cute.

Well Miss Morgan, you may be cute but that cute butt is walking right out the proverbial door. The hottest person that Spencer has probably ever spoken to is voted out. 

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