American Idol‘s first ever Competitors’ Choice theme saw plenty of obvious songs. All of the suggestions and picks seemed to be songs that the Top 7 loved, making it a fairly easy week. But now it’s time for one more to go home.

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Jena Irene delivered the best performance by far. Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston and Jessica Meuse have never been in the bottom while Sam Woolf and C.J. Harris have both been in the bottom three times. Jeff Dodge and I once again agree that it’s finally time for C.J. to go, but Top 7 week can sometimes bring surprises.

Sure, several notorious contestants have finished in seventh place (Sanjaya Malakar and Tim Urban), but some of the most successful Idol alums were also eliminated in Top 7 week. Colton Dixon, Ace Young and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson all went home in seventh place, so who will join those ranks?

THIS…is American Idol!

Kevin Bacon from The Following shows up to deliver Ryan Seacrest‘s opening and his signature line. Wow, this week the producers are really piling in the celebrity cameos.

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a very short skirt and very long boots.

Dinner for 7: Without Malaya Watson’s sass, this isn’t as fun. They make fun of Alex looking like he has to pee when he performs and J. Lo’s stank face. Caleb always seems to serve as the moderator at these events while Dexter and Jessica don’t say anything.


After another pointless Ford commercial that doesn’t feature vampires, Keith Urban tells us about his Mustang that was a second-year anniversary gift from “Nic.” With so many celebrity cameos, where is Ms. Kidman?

Once again we’re looking for the Bottom 2.

Jena Irene is…SAFE!
Alex Preston is…SAFE!
Dexter Roberts is…IN THE BOTTOM 2!

Huzzah! Of those three, this was very obvious. In a hilarious moment, after they come back from commercial break Ryan recaps that Dexter is in the Bottom 2 and the audience boos. Then Keith mutters, off-screen, “Well, you should’ve voted.”


Caleb Johnson is…SAFE!
C.J. Harris is…SAFE! (ruh-roh)
Sam Woolf is…SAFE!
Jessica Meuse is…IN THE BOTTOM 2!

Oh no. I blame the judges, who’ve clearly had it in for Jessica. They give her negative feedback every week while giving a free pass to people like C.J. It now means Alex and Caleb are the only remaining contestants who’ve never been in danger.


Dexter Roberts IS ELIMINATED!

Whew. I was really worried, but I’m more than happy to see this guy finally go for delivering country karaoke bar performances every week. Now if we can just get rid of C.J. next week, I’ll be pretty happy with the Top 5.

He ends his journey with a performance of “Lucky Man.” Good idea, because that was obviously his best, although it’s also painfully ironic since he just got eliminated. Heck, I even put him #1 in my performance rankings that week.

Next week on American Idol: Everyone in the Top 6 will sing twice with a little bit Country and a little bit Rock ‘n’ Roll. I have no idea how Sam or Alex will be able to pull either of those off.

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