During this week’s episode of Dance Moms, Abby introduces her new team. Why? The old team has won 13 first place awards before finally failing to get the coveted prize. It isn’t like they didn’t try. They just had a bad day. They knew your mom was ill and dying. And while I’m sorry for your loss, it’s time for me to say this: keep your old team. It’s the 100th episode and you do this? We know those girls. Now back to the recap.

The Two Teams Meet

As the show starts, the girls and moms give Abby their sympathies. With a new team in the wings, Abby does admit to the old team that maybe they shouldn’t have competed. The streak is broken and they must regroup. The bottom row is Nia, Chloe and Kalani followed by Kendall and (what?) Maddie. Mackenzie has the top spot because she’s a star as Andrew Logan, the video producer, predicts.

The new team enters and Abby thinks they look just like the original. Say what? There are no similarities that I see. Kira knows one of the new team moms, Tracy, and there is no love lost there. A new team member is paired against an old. Wait! That’s not fair. Mackenzie will go against two new team members and one of them is from Abby’s studio. It’s Christy’s daughter Sarah. Christy already disrupted the video shoot. Maddie is told to say good-bye to her old friends because she is dancing with the new team. She’s not happy, folks.

This week, they will go to Youngstown, Ohio (I sense Cathy will be there), for Energy Dance. The old team will perform “Royal.” The new team will perform “The Good Life.” How come I don’t think this won’t be equal? Kalani and Kendall (“Rule the World”) will compete against Sarah and Ava. The solo will have Chloe (“Lucky Star”) and Kamryn (“Fate”) competing against each other. Abby tells Chloe to prove she’s the best. If looks could kill, the new team would kill the old.

In the moms’ room, Kira is still upset about Tracy’s presence. They have a history of bad blood. As the original moms talk, the new moms arrive. Christy leads the pack and immediately attacks Melissa. Christy feels it is time for new faces. No, Christy, you just want your daughter on television.

The moms are called downstairs so Abby can offer critiques for the new girls. Christy is upset because Sarah is getting criticized for posture. Christy expects Sarah to get individualized attention and labels Abby as horrible. Wow! A fight is breaking out between these moms and Abby’s laughing. The original group leaves while the new fight.

As the new girls rehearse, Christy complains about how Abby teaches and feeling like an outsider. Melissa seems to have a headache.

Tensions Mount

In the parking lot, the new moms ask about Abby’s teaching style. Kira and Tracy get into it again. As the old moms join Melissa, Holly tells Melissa to spy. Funny! Abby demonstrates the look for Kalani and Kendall. While Jill is happy, she’s worried because of the all-star ringers Abby has brought in.

The last day of rehearsals sees Christy upset because she thinks Sarah is being treated badly by Abby. Melissa tells Christy that the original team paved the way for Abby’s fame. Finally, Melissa stands up for herself and leaves the new moms. Holly is worried that the old team doing a jazz number will hurt. She feels the competition is rigged for the new team. At least Abby says it will be the judges who decides.

Pre-Competition Moms’ Party

The new moms hit the bar but without Christy. Something tells me this will be a trend. The old moms arrive at the same bar with Melissa, who refuses to leave her friends. Tracy is probably going to be the new fighter on the show as she does it at every opportunity.

The Competition

Welcomed by screaming crowds, Abby gives a “pep talk” to both groups. As the girls prepare, Abby finds out just how little love there is between Kira and Tracy. Abby tells the girls off the stage they’re friends, but on the stage they’re competitors.

First up is the duet with the new team in dramatic costumes and makeup. Their dance is more mature than what Abby usually does. Kendall and Kalani in their costumes look so young. Both dances are good.

In the dressing room, Cathy appears. She doesn’t have a team competing but wants to know why Abby has two teams. Oh, a fight between Cathy and Abby. Christy gets in the mix. Cathy leaves to go shopping (and a useless cameo is over).

In the solos, Kamryn goes first with a ballet theme dance. Next is Chloe who is nervous and Abby thinks may choke. Chloe looks mature and beautiful on stage.

In the old team’s dressing room, Maddie comes out in a beautiful dress while the old team looks like servants. Holly sees this as a slap in the face. Abby wants to see if the original team can win without Maddie. Christy steps in and asks Melissa to join the new team, but Melissa refuses. Christy is getting on Abby’s nerves (maybe she’s the new Kelly). Abby pulls Sarah from the routine because of Christy’s mouth. The new moms are upset that Abby is making changes at the last minute and Tracy has a panic attack. The groups perform and both are flawless.

Awards are presented and Kalani and Kendall get third place while the new team gets second. In the small groups, the old team gets second while the new team gets first. Abby is ecstatic over this. In the solos, Kamryn gets third and Chloe gets first. Abby says that she’s proud of Chloe.

In the dressing room, the new moms show up as Abby comes in to give her opinion. She congratulates the new team. She is going to have two winning competition teams. At the end of the episode, Abby is heading to her mom’s funeral.

Next week, it’s reunion time. 


Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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Linda Martindale

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