Last week on Survivor, after a mad treasure hunt resulting in Spencer finding a (normal) hidden immunity idol, Kass decided to stay the course and vote out Morgan instead of physical threat and wildcard, Tony. Let’s see how her decision affects the game moving forward.

When they get back to camp after Tribal Council, Tony throws a bit of a tantrum about his name constantly being written down. He asks Spencer why he thinks it’s a compliment that their alliance keeps voting for him and Spencer tells him it’s because they consider him a threat. Tony thinks he’s a bigger person for voting out Morgan though, a person who didn’t deserve to be there. At this point he’s putting an even bigger target on his back, taking responsibility for his alliance’s decisions. Not only that, but he’s acting the fool.

After a sleepless night, Tony comes up with the plan to trick L.J. into thinking Woo has an idol so he can, in turn, pit everyone against L.J. I’m not sure exactly what his plan is, he is barely coherent. But what’s for sure is he is on High Alert Paranoia level right now and his next target is his closest ally, L.J. 

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Reward Challenge

The survivors are split up into three teams. Each have to lasso a ball onto a hoop to release sand bags from a trap. Then they have to throw the bags down a rope tunnel and then bounce them off of a trampoline into baskets. The orange team is Jefra, Trish and L.J., the green team is Spencer, Tony and Jeremiah, and the purple team is Kass, Tash and Woo. The reward is a spa day, complete with showers, lunch and a massage.

Jeremiah nails the lasso part of the challenge almost immediately, probably because that good ole’ boy came out of the womb lassoing. L.J. manages to make up a lot of time for orange with his sweet sandbag throwing skills. But it’s green’s challenge from the beginning, and Tony dominates the trampoline basketball. So the dudes are going on reward.

Woo is disappointed he didn’t win reward. He says he’s going to hold down the fort back at camp to make sure everyone is still on the same page. But Jefra, Trish and L.J. have a conversation without him about Tony’s paranoia. L.J. tells the ladies that Tony is plotting to get out Woo because he thinks he has an idol. Trish assures him that she can put out that fire.

At the reward, Tony immediately starts to gab Jeremiah and Spencer’s ears off. He tells them it’s never as simple as picking off the other alliance one by one and that he might need to use them in an upcoming vote. Jeremiah smiles and nods because that’s all he knows how to do (besides lassoing) and so does Spencer, but Spencer doesn’t trust Tony at all. He is willing to tell him what he wants to hear though, if it can extend his stay a few more days.

No one finds an immunity clue.

At camp, Tasha realizes that she’s in a minority alliance and she has to flip someone. She thinks L.J. is smart enough to know that Tony isn’t going to want to keep another strong guy around for much longer. She tries to set up a rendezvous with L.J. for a secret talk, but L.J. doesn’t want to feed Tony’s anxiety, so he stands her up. Rude, L.J.

Immunity Challenge

This week’s immunity challenge is about testing the survivors’ memories. Jeff shows them a sequence of colored tiles, and one at a time, they have to recreate the sequence.

Trish and Woo are out first. Followed by Jefra, Kass, Spencer and Jermiah in the next round. Tony, L.J. and Tasha are the last three left. Tasha beats the two lugs after they have the different answers in the last round and wins immunity. 

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Loser Shuffle

L.J. proposes that their alliance splits the votes between Spencer and Jeremiah. He doesn’t think it’s smart to shake up their alliance, despite what Tony said about Woo.

But Tony has a different plan. He tells Woo that L.J. wanted to blindside him and that now is the time to blindside L.J. because he’s talking about breaking up the alliance. Woo totally trusts that Tony has his back and eats his story right up.

Trish doesn’t believe him as easily though. She doubts that L.J. would come up with such a scheme, especially after he had just told her yesterday that Tony was the one who wanted to blindside Woo. Either way, she wants to stick with the six. Tony is worried that if he goes through with this big move now, he’ll turn Trish against him, and he doesn’t want to do that either.

He does get Jeremiah and Spencer on board for voting for L.J. Spencer is worried that it might be some elaborate ploy to get him to not play his idol, but he’s willing to go along with it because it’s the best chance they have.

Tribal Council

Jeremiah and Spencer both know that they’re in trouble tonight. Kass says that she doesn’t feel empathy for those two being in that spot because this is the game and you can’t play without getting dirty.

Tony is acting paranoid right off the bat, saying that he’s packed his things in case he gets voted out. Jeff asks if the six man alliance is so tight, why is Tony so insecure? L.J. thinks his paranoia is unfounded, that they’re still very tight. Spencer argues that while they may be tight, someone has to be on the bottom, and it’s probably the person who thinks their alliance is “so airtight.”

Spencer is confident enough not to play his idol. He gets one vote, Jeremiah gets three, and L.J. gets five. Tony got Woo to flip, and since they split the votes, that’s all he needed. I know L.J. was a big threat, but so is Spencer. It might have benefited Tony to keep the guy in his alliance around for a couple more Tribals and get rid of Spencer now when they had the chance. 

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