Tonight we’ll finally learn which girl won Tyra’s coveted Covergirl, IMG and Vogue Italia contracts, but more importantly, earned the illustrious title of America’s Next Top Model. But first, they’ll have to get through a slippery Vivienne Westwood runway show and the always difficult Covergirl shoot.

It’s down to Molly and Brittani, two of this season’s strongest competitors who each stood out from the pack early on, but in many ways couldn’t be more different, from their looks to their outlooks.

Here’s the side-by-side rundown on our fierce final two. Who do YOU think will win?

brittani-molly-final2.jpgVital Stats
Brittani: 19; 5’10.5”; from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania.
Molly: 22; 5′ 10″; from Charleston, South Carolina.

Inspirational Backstory
Brittani: She grew up in a trailer park, and her mother is a recovering agoraphobic.
Molly: She was adopted at a young age and has dealt with anger and abandonment issues her whole life. They even led her to check into rehab at one point.

Number of First Call-Outs
Brittani: 1
Molly: 4

Second Call-Outs
Brittani: 6
Molly: 2

Number of Challenges Won
Brittani: 2
Molly: 1

Number of Times in the Bottom Two
Brittani: 2 (Week 7 against Mikaela; Week 12 against Hannah.)
Molly: 2 (Week 5 against Dalya; Week 8 against Jaclyn.)

Brittani: Strong runway walk; versatile posing; look chameleon; edgy, high-fashion haircut; more outgoing and personable.
Molly: Also has a strong runway walk; natural at high-fashion posing; amazing bone structure; more confident and assertive.

Brittani: Tends to second-guess herself and can melt down rather easily; shows her emotions on her sleeve during competitions; disappointed Tyra when she verbally attacked Alexandria during panel.
Molly: Gives off an aggressive, disinterested vibe to clients and photographers; less accepting of criticism; confidence could be interpreted as cockiness.

As Described by Alexandria
Brittani: “Fashion cyclone.”
Molly: “Unique, inspiring soul.”

Most Memorable Moment
Brittani: Definitely her panel argument with Alexandria (Week 7), when she said Alexandria was undeserving of winning the Ford campaign challenge, was scolded by Tyra and then ran out of the room crying. 
Molly: The saga of her disastrous mermaid weave, which she hated from the start (and wasn’t shy about saying so), and which slowly, painfully molted off of her head until Tyra finally had it chopped off.

Could Be Her Undoing…
Brittani: She falls in the final runway show!
Molly: Attitude and energy are essential in every final Covergirl challenge.

The one-hour Top Model finale airs tonight, Wednesday May 18 at 9pm on the CW. Before you watch the final panel, don’t forget to vote:

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