American Idol is less than one month away from the season 13 finale, and tonight the field gets cut from six to five. Whose country and rock performances didn’t cut it?

Jeff Dodge and I (as well as anyone with eyes and ears) agree that C.J. Harris will be eliminated. Quite frankly, anything other than that outcome will be unacceptable. However, Sam Woolf could be in danger again and Alex Preston seems more vulnerable than ever.

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THIS…is American Idol!

Ryan Seacrest is still holding Grumpy Cat, who has now had more screentime this week than Randy “The Dawg” Jackson. Not that I’m complaining.

Keith Urban is wearing a suit and everyone is confused by it.

Dinner for 6: Caleb Johnson’s mom is in the house to cook and make a cake for her boy’s special birthday dinner. The burgers look delicious, but, like President Bartlet, I’m not a fan of green beans.


Sam Woolf is…SAFE!
Caleb Johnson is…SAFE!
C.J. Harris is…IN THE BOTTOM 2!

Ooh,this is interesting. With Sam safe, the second spot is wide open for Jessica or maybe even Alex. I’m very happy for Sam and now there’s a 50 percent chance C.J. will finally go home. Actually, it’s more like 95 percent.

Not only is this C.J.’s fourth time in the Bottom, but Sam has been completely safe ever since he was Saved. That worked out really well for him, and maybe he’ll stick with the “Improve Five Places” trend of most Saves by finishing in third.


Jena Irene is…SAFE!
Alex Preston is…SAFE!
Jessica Meuse is…IN THE BOTTOM 2!

Ouch, Jessica is in the Bottom 2 again, and even after getting the Pimp Spot. That’s a bad sign. This is also the second week in a row with an all-Alabama Bottom 2. Caleb and Alex keep their streaks going of never being in the Bottom.



Whew. Thank you, America, for getting it right. And a double thank you for eliminating Dexter and C.J. in back-to-back weeks. It makes my job a lot more enjoyable.

Next week on American Idol: It’s America’s Choice as the Top 5 will each perform two songs that were suggested by fans on Twitter. Also, Alex’s musical inspiration Jason Mraz will show up as a guest mentor.

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