Will tempers rise this week as Dance Moms holds its mid-break reunion? Let’s face it! The moms and Abby haven’t seen eye to eye this year. All it will take is for Abby to say something obnoxious to one of the moms and who knows what will happen? So get your popcorn and settle back. It could be the battle for the ages.

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Abby and Collins

Host Jeff Collins opens the reunion with Abby on stage. While she smiles (or smirks), he mentions the moms have seen “red” all season. After offering his condolences about Abby’s mom, we learn that Abby buried her father’s ashes and Broadway Baby with her mom. Strange, but it’s Abby’s choice. Collins asks about the girls’ reactions. Abby does allow them to be sad about her mom’s death.

Collins asks Abby about the fight with Kelly. Wait! Shouldn’t Kelly give her side? Abby admits to having a long history with Kelly but it all was Kelly’s fault. Nothing is Abby’s fault. Collins asks how Abby and Christi are getting along. Viewers know this. At present, they tolerate each other.

Christi Enters

Christi enters and discussion turns to the fight. Collins wants to know if she feels alone. Christi tells us that she’s now closer to Jilly and Holly since they are experiencing the same things now. (I agree, Christi. Abby is worse now, especially to Nia.)

The Twitter discussion (and ours?) is mentioned. Abby sees it as one-sided (Kelly’s). Christi calls Kelly’s move defensive. The clip is replayed and I side with Christi. Abby was the aggressor because she came at Kelly. Abby says it is in the past. Christi is now standing up to Abby because she doesn’t have anything to lose (yeah, girl!). Abby denies and Chrisi stops her. She wants to know why Abby is so awful to Chloe.

Collins asks why Abby won’t put anyone up against Maddie. She tells us that there is no one age-wise to go against Maddie. Wonder why? Because you cast it that way?

Next, she’s asked if Kalani will ever go up against Maddie. Abby uses a “looks that kill” when Christi says that Kalani can beat Maddie. Collins then asks Abby why doesn’t she want Maddie to lose. We get the usual from Abby that Maddie loves dancing. Finally! Christi does what I have wanted to do for 20 minutes: she calls Abby a liar.

When the discussion turns to Melissa, Abby decides to talk about the number of times Christi uses the F-word. Christi points out that almost every mom has used it but Abby only punishes her and Kelly. Way to go, Christi. Stand up to her!

Melissa, Jill and Holly

Melissa joins them, and Christi wants Jill and Holly to come out also. She refuses to stay and walks out, telling production she is tired of being put in a situation where she has to defend herself alone. Collins isn’t happy. He should have known this was coming.

Jill and Holly return with Christi, and Abby isn’t happy. Wait, is that Kelly backstage? Well, she’s not allowed out if it is. Melissa looks worried. Maybe she knows that the lying incident will come up. All but Melissa see that she made Maddie lie to Chloe about the duet.

Melissa promises that Maddie never lies and she asked Abby to adjudicate the routine. Abby jumps in and tells everyone that she decides who dances. Oh, Abby stacked the audience with her fans. When Holly points out that Chloe and Paige were representing ADLC, Abby ignores Holly. She tells everyone that she didn’t make an announcement because she wanted the win (and people wonder why I’m hard on Abby, Melissa and Maddie?).

Collins tries to pit Christi against Jill, but he doesn’t get his fireworks. Abby even tries to stir the pot, but no explosions happen.

Collins asks why Nia was pulled from the Bollywood number. Abby states it had to do with costumes. The moms remind everyone that they did the Frozen costumes because Abby goofed. It is Abby’s responsibility, but she only rolls her eyes. Abby makes the decisions and no one should question her.

What’s this! Abby is threatening to pull all Nia’s solos. Holly points out that none of the other kids are taken out of a group routine when they have a solo. Abby points out that Nia doesn’t win and Holly calls her insane. Okay, we know how Abby feels about Nia. She doesn’t see her as up to the task.

Leslie, Cathy and Kira

Leslie joins the group after hearing Abby call her crazy and the Energizer Bunny. Leslie points out that she pays for the lessons and she’s tired of being offered a carrot. Hey, Leslie calls Abby abusive (I agree) and tells her to own her mistakes. Leslie, Abby doesn’t make mistakes.

Next up is Cathy who Abby calls a no-talent and pompous. Cathy calls her a joke and name calling ensues. Cathy is right, though, that some of Abby’s choreography is elementary and compares it to synchronized swimming. They discuss why she pulled the routine and Cathy tells us that it wasn’t ready. Cathy also sees the group dance of “Witches of Canton” as a compliment.

Kira joins the group and tells Collins that she feels comfortable with the moms. When asked about the duet fight, she tells everyone that Kelly and Abby’s history is the real problem. Christi tells all that Kelly’s leaving made Abby happy as a “pig in mud.” Abby smiles coyly.

The new group will be the teen elite group and will compete against the old group. The show will return, but no date was given. And the girls perform several numbers including “Kinky Boots” and “Witches of Canton.” 


The Dance Moms reunion continues (but only with the girls) next Tuesday at 9pm on Lifetime.

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