Have you voted for your favorite artist on The Voice to be saved on tonight’s elimination show?

Who will be the first season 6 singer eliminated by America?

The show is bringing back the Instant Save, where viewers are able to save one singer from the bottom two by tweeting out the artist’s name, along with the hashtag #VoiceSave when the voting period ends (usually within the final 10 minutes of the show). Sorry again to all the viewers who will have the results spoiled in order save your favorite artist.

Now on to the predictions.

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Here’s how the iTunes Top 200 Singles Chart played out with the artists:

#5 Josh Kaufman “Stay With Me”

#30 Kristen Merlin “Stay”

#39 Jake Worthington “Anymore”

#47 Christina Grimmie “Dark Horse”

#95 Kat Perkins “Magic Man”

#104 Sisaundra Lewis “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me”

#114 Audra McLaughlin “Angel of the Morning”

#124 Delvin Choice “Unchained Melody”

#134 Bria Kelly “Rolling in the Deep”

#179 Tess Boyer “I’ll Be There For You”

Now, let’s see who’s safe and who will likely go home.

Who’s Safe?

Josh Kaufman ran away with the competition, didn’t he? Cracking into the top 10 means that Josh will receive the bonus of having his iTunes votes multiplied by 5. The high iTunes positions of Kristen Merlin (her not-her-fault sound issues notwithstanding), Jake Worthington, Christina Grimme and Kat Perkins likely means they’re definitely safe too.

Who’s in the Middle?

I wouldn’t call Sisaundra Lewis and Audra McLaughlin completely safe, but I think they did enough to escape the bottom.

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Who’s in Danger?

Well, two artists did not crack the charts so tough luck to Dani Moz and T.J. Wilkins as they’ll be in the bottom two. It’s really too bad the iTunes charts have so much weight because it nixes the surprise factor. 

Other not-so-well charting artists in danger include Delvin Choice, Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer. I’m not sure why Usher was so steadfast on having a theme for his singers this week. I understand the desire to show off a different side of an artist, but he could’ve still done that without spending forever settling on a song for T.J. and picking the absolute wrong song for Bria.

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Who Will Twitter Save?

My bottom three predictions are Bria, T.J. and Dani, with Usher getting a wakeup call that he has to pick the right song from any genre or point in time.

This leaves their fates up to Twitter. Bria has over 25,000 followers on Twitter! If she’s in danger, I’m sure she’ll be saved by social media. As for the other two, T.J. is more likable so he’s someone who I wouldn’t mind sticking around for another week. He has to work on his vocals though. T.J., however, is a healthy 2,000 Twitter followers behind Dani, so that could be a window into who is saved (but both are far, far, behind Bria).

So I’m predicting both Dani and T.J. to go home because past eliminations show iTunes is a good indicator of who gets voted off with this many singers still left in the competition. With fewer singers left, it’s all the more important for a performance to land in the top 10.

The Voice season 6 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm.

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Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV