David Archuleta wouldn’t appear to be a divisive figure at first glance. But, don’t let that toothy grin and aw-shucks demeanor fool you; American Idol fans have come to blows because of Archuleta.  The little sprite awakens ancient demons deep in the hearts of Idol watchers across the country.  You speak an ill word of the Utahan, and his supporters will tear your face off.  Contrarily, if an Archie hater comes into contact with another Archie hater, much venting will ensue (example: any of the BuddyTV Idol podcasts with John Kubicek and I).  This being the case, writing anything about David Archuleta has become an increasingly touchy subject, especially if the story reflects at all negatively on Little Archie.  But, what the hell?  Archuleta supporters, put up your dukes, I smell a bout of fisticuffs: It is being reported that David Archuleta will drop out of Murray High School in Utah, and finishing his studies via home schooling, if at all.

This was David Archuleta’s Junior year that recently ended, and David was forced to un-enroll due to his commitments on American Idol.  If you’re still in high school while Idol is on, then you must receive tutoring during the season, which is what David did.  However, Archuleta has yet to sign up for his Senior year at Murray High.  Classes start on August 25, and the American Idol tour runs into September.  If you add the fact that, once the tour ends, Archuleta will be expected to hit the studio to record his first album, attending classes back home might not be in the cards.  He will likely continue on the home schooling path. 

This was inevitable, probably not a big deal, and only notable because of the intense scrutiny these American Idol contestants face on a regular basis.  I’m generally opposed to home schooling, as I think the social aspect of school is nearly as important as the actual in-class learning.  It works (and is perhaps necessary) for some people, but it just kind of rubs me the wrong way.  However, in Archuleta’s case, he’s been in normal school until now, and one year away is no big deal at all, especially given the extremely special circumstances. 

Now, because I doubt I’ve given David Archuleta fans the necessary fuel to hate on me in this article, here are some completely unfounded opinions/facts about David Archuleta that should spark some discussion:

David Archuleta’s mother is actually a dragon.

David Archuleta’s favorite subject in school is Home Economics. 

Every morning for breakfast, David drinks a pint of Malt Liquor.

David Archuleta is a member of the Green Party.

The American Idol tour begins July 1 in Glendale, Arizona.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TMZ, CelebrityNews
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Oscar Dahl

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