(Update – Jun. 26: This story has already been debunked.  Stupid rumors.)

As with all supposed “leaked” information regarding reality shows, please take this with a grain of salt. It may be true, it may not, so for now just chalk it up to rumor.  Our friends over at RealityTV Calendar have published what is purported to be a list of the upcoming Big Brother 8 houseguests, given to them by a supposedly reliable source. 

Big Brother 8: Possible Houseguest List Revealed

Besides the list, they provide another rumor from their source that reveals what this Big Brother season’s big twist may end up being: “High school enemies.”  Now, on the surface, this seems like it could have some potential as a nice wrench to be thrown into the game.  However, do people, especially years after the fact, really hold grudges towards their high school nemeses?  Maybe they do.  If the rumor is true, I suppose we’ll see just how open the wounds of adolescence remain.  For now, here is the supposed list of new housemates, quoted directly from RealityTV Calendar.

Tara Bourke – young good looking has an extremely nice body — youngest houseguest

Tiffany Dalton – oldish black woman

Rodger (No last name)- older Asian male. Teacher at some school.

Carol Ricardi – older woman (mother figure)

Gabby Ngyugen – young Asian girl. huge smile.

Amanda Adams – late twenties blonde woman. looks like some celebrity. Former cheerleader apparently?

Mitchell “Mitchy” Vance- Good-looking younger male.

Robby Williams or Wallace – young very young. Apparently, is a part of some organization group for gay teens?

Jared Pfifer – good looking…Spanish?

David Mertz – Good looking man in his forties

Andi (no last name) – blonde girl early twenties

Morgan (no last name) -older gay male…possibly not gay?

Melanie (no last name) – no information. I’m not even sure if she was a final house guest as she had no number just a name and a location where she lives. Florida.

Unidentified male – Couldn’t find anything about this guy (possibly no 14th houseguest?) There was a blank spot for him on the sheet with a number….but nothing else.

What do you all think?  Could this all be true?

Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: RealityTV Calendar
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