Former Big Brother housemate Marcellas Reynolds said last week that he will not go back to co-hosting House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show on a daily basis.

Reynolds left the live internet show in 2006 in order to participate in the seventh installment of the reality series, Big Brother: All-Stars. He was evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 46, but was the first person placed in the jury. He subsequently entered the “sequester” house, and on the season finale, was the only person who voted for Erika Landin, who ultimately placed second.

Reynolds explained the reason for his exit in an entry posted in his website’s forum.

“Alas it is time to make a statement. Due to budget cuts @ CBS Interactive, a format change & my increasingly busy tv and fashion career, I will not be returning as day to day host of House Calls.”

He also said that he is “tremendously proud” to have been involved with show, and that he not only served as one of its host, but as its producer as well.

House Calls started airing during the fifth season of Big Brother. The show provides an in-depth look at the events that take place inside the house. It also entertains phone calls made by the viewers. While Reynolds was inside the Big Brother House last year, co-host Gretchen Massey was accompanied by different guest co-hosts every week. Now that Reynolds will not be back as a daily co-host of House Calls, Massey is expected to appear on the talk show as the sole host.

Reynolds first stepped foot inside the Big Brother house in 2002, when the show was on its third season. He was in the competition for a total of 69 days, but could have actually stayed longer had he used his Golden Power of Veto. Reynolds chose not to use his privilege after housemate Danielle Reyes said she would not vote against him. However, Reyes did, and when Jason Guy cast his tie-breaking vote, Reynolds became the 8th person evicted in season 3.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist


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