Uh-oh.  This certainly makes things more complicated.  Much more complicated.

In the light of all that controversy as to whether Paula Abdul will be leaving American Idol or not, reports have surfaced that British singer Cheryl Cole has been offered $6 million to take over the slot.  However, she turned it down, because her husband, soccer player Ashley Cole, will be in England at the time.

Cole began her singing career as part of British pop group Girls Aloud, which went on to score 21 singles on the UK Top Ten.  (And, to their credit, a handful of earworms.  “Chemistry” might not be familiar to most of you, but it was stuck in my head at one point.)  Folks on this side of the world may remember her appearance on one of will.i.am’s music videos.  She is also currently working on solo material.

But this wouldn’t be her first foray into judging.  Already she’s part of The X Factor, the British talent show responsible for catapulting Leona Lewis to bleeding love from across the world.  She joined that show in 2008, replacing Sharon Osbourne, and was last year’s winning judge when Alexandra Burke took home the top plum.

Oh, and yes, The X Factor is created by Simon Cowell.  Now here’s where things get complicated: the report says Simon himself offered Cheryl the Idol judge slot.  That would be odd because Simon reportedly threw his support behind Paula, even asking Fox executives that he wants her beside him when the new season begins in January.

Then again, the key word here is “reportedly”.  So, do we choose to believe this?  Maybe, maybe not.  In the end, it’s all… chemistry.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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