Finally, there’s a way to play along with the American Idol auditions! The audition process can last a while, and some people skip them all together. But you won’t want to miss the auditions this season, because BuddyTV is providing you with American Idol Audition BINGO!

Get your daubers out, or you can use spare change, M&Ms, whatever you want! Start the episode with a chip or mark on Justin Guarini’s face and watch the auditions to line them up and win!* If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can make up your own categories, or print out the board and mix up the spaces so that everyone at your viewing party has a board.

*You don’t technically win anything, just the satisfaction of yelling “BINGO!” or, if you prefer, “RUBEN STUDDARD!” as loudly as possible.

Here’s the board!


It’s so easy to play! For example, if in the first episode, someone comes into the audition room with crutches, Randy Jackson says “dawg,” a contestant falls down, we see or hear mention of Clay Aiken, and someone is doing it for their parent who has diabetes, BINGO!

Start playing tonight, as we begin our journey to find the next Danny Gokey!

Here is the link to the board that you can print out and use to play at home!

(image courtesy of FOX)

Carla Patton

Writer, BuddyTV

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