American Idol used to commonly be referred to as “American Idol: The Search for a Superstar.”  For whatever reason (probably its unwieldy length), this moniker has disappeared in recent seasons.  But, honestly, searching for the next superstar was never what American Idol was set up to do.  It was a lucky coincidence that Kelly Clarkson won the very first season of American Idol and subsequently set the world on fire.  Because winning Idol is solely up to America and their votes, American Idol is really a popularity contest.  Your typical voter isn’t thinking about the commercial potential of the different contestants; they’re concerns lie with the entertainment value given in the televised vacuum of American Idol’s structure.  Adam Lambert, the most talked about and (possibly) most talented contestant on American Idol 8 has shown an innate ability to succeed in American Idol’s format.  But, does Adam Lambert’s success on Idol bring us any insight into his future prospects within the music industry? 

This is a discussion that I’ve stumbled across a few times in the last couple of weeks.  I’m an unabashed Adam Lambert supporter, and I think the last two weeks have helped convert some of the early haters.  While I believe that Adam should and will win American Idol this season, the question of whether he’s got a future as a star in the music industry is hazy and intriguing.  There are a number of routes he could go following the season (win or lose) given his versatility, yet none of those routes seem to lead to the stardom of some of Idol’s most successful former participants. 

I’ve identified what I believe are Adam Lambert’s four most likely potential career paths post-American Idol.  I wanted to look at how likely each path is to lead Adam to stardom.  The thing about Adam Lambert is that he’s nearly impossible to classify.  He’s crossed genres with ease, but within all those genres he’s still felt like an outsider, someone who just stopped by to show us how talented he was.  I have no idea what kind of album Adam Lambert would make.  I also have no idea what kind of album Adam Lambert wants to make, and I suspect he doesn’t either. 

Nonetheless, the four musical paths I’ve come up with for Adam Lambert are The Pop Star, The Musical Lifer, The Indie Guy, and The Frontman.  Get started below:

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