It’s neck and neck on the finaleof Rock of Love Bus, when Bret Michaels has to choose his new Rock of Love.  The final two girls left are Mindy and Taya – once best friends turned into sworn enemies by their feelings for the Poison front man.

On “Rock of Love III,” the girls say a final goodbye to the buses as they are flown to the Dominican Republic to spend more quality time with Bret.  Clearly, that’s all there is to this show.  The final choice has to be made, and it seems as though no one among the three is ready. 

Things heat up as both Mindy and Taya bare their claws and let their guards down, all in honor of their beloved Bret Michaels.  The two are asked to select a ring, which heightens the tension between them. Even so, there will only be one of them to win Bret’s heart, while the other has to leave dejected.  Will the rock star finally get his third chance to find his Rock of Love? 

The last episode of the series revealed the true intentions of the remaining three: Jamie wasn’t interested in a serious relationship, Taya had doubts about really being there for love, while Mindy’s feelings give her butterflies in the stomach.  She’s in the competition to win it all, but so is Taya.  In the end, it was Jamie who was asked to depart and she did so without too much regret, saying “[Bret] dumped me on TV and that sucks but I’ll get over it and hope we can be friends.  Hope we can hang out.”

Now that it’s down to Mindy and Taya, Bret has to face one tough decision when he brings the two to the Dominican Republic on a new episode of Rock of Love.  Don’t miss it as it airs tomorrow at 9pm on VH1.

Here’s a sneak peek video at all the finale drama:

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