Easter eggs from this episode.by John Kubicek

#10 Young Ethan

Putting together a timeline of events, Ben and Ethan hunted down Rousseau in early 1989, before the Purge. This means that, like Ben, Ethan defected from his DHARMA family before everyone was killed.

#9 Risk

Clearly no one has been to Ben’s house in a very long time, because the Risk board was still set up the exact same way it was when Keamy and his men attacked and killed Alex three years earlier.

#8 Widmore’s Timeline

Since Widmore was banished while the Others were living in the Barracks, this puts his exile some time after the Purge in December 1992.

#7 Almost 20 Years?

Widmore tells Ben he’s been looking for the Island for almost 20 years. He must not be very good at math, because given his banishment in what was probably early 1993 and the Ajira 316 in early 2008, it’s only been 15 years since he’s been off the Island for good. I guess he rounds up.

#6 Our Mutual Friend

Desmond and Penny’s boat is named after the Charles Dickens book Desmond vowed not to read until he was about to die.

#5 AA823

The container with the guns that was “mysteriously” on Ajira 316 featured two of the Numbers.

#4 “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”

When Ilana asked Lapidus this question, it made no sense, so we should look at the context clues. She and others opened a container on the plane that had guns. She claimed to work for the family of one of Widmore’s associates. The question might relate to the four-toed statue on the Island looming over the Temple. Put the pieces together, and this question was a code for Widmore’s secret agents to identify one another.

#3 Smokey vs. Anubis

Among the hieroglyphs in the Temple basement was this creepy one of the Egyptian god Anubis bowing before the Black Smoke Monster. So that should begin to answer just how old Smokey is.

#2 “I hate your guts.”

When Smokey played This is Your Life with Ben, one of the scenes with him and Alex showed her telling him that she hates him. Fans may have scratched their heads trying to remember what episode this scene was from, and actually, it wasn’t from any. That dialogue was from a deleted scene from “I Do” after Ben hooks Karl up to the weird Clockwork Orange machine.

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